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Vervaunt is a London-based eCommerce consultancy and paid media agency focused solely on supporting and driving growth for brands and retailers.

Fairfax & Favor boosts their customer feedback efforts with Yotpo Reviews and Visual UGC

Luxury apparel brand Fairfax & Favor has a huge and highly engaged customer base, and are very active across social media. Knowing how crucial customer feedback is for driving retention, they approached Vervaunt to help them find a way to tie together reviews and visual UGC and create more effective requests for feedback post-purchase, with an eye toward loyalty and on-site optimization down the road.

The brand was already using Yotpo for reviews, and Vervaunt believed the addition of visual UGC made perfect sense, with the potential to consider using it within a loyalty strategy further down the line. The agency consolidated the brand’s tech stack to better leverage connected solutions, combining their reviews and UGC strategy to improve efficiency. The agency worked with Yotpo and the brand to ensure they were getting the most out of both products, and that the widgets would be on-brand and highly visible. By building out high-quality customer feedback, Vervaunt helped Fairfax & Favor drive CLTV and retention from the start of the customer journey by ensuring a valuable first purchase.

Since implementing Yotpo’s solutions, the brand has seen a 19% increase in reviews YoY, overall sales have grown 122%, and returning customers has increased 33%. In Q1 of 2023 alone, the brand has seen an increase of 18% for add-to-carts, and 17% for checkout views.

Vervaunt’s strong relationship with the Yotpo team enables them to learn how to better use the platform and technology for shared clients, and has also helped upskill and train the team on the wider loyalty and reviews landscape. The ongoing communication between Vervaunt and Yotpo has given the agency insights into new and upcoming Yotpo product updates, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and give solid advice to mutual clients.

We pride ourselves on only recommending best-in-class and scalable tech vendors for our clients, and Yotpo ticks those boxes. The relationship we have with the Yotpo team means we get all the details we need around granular questions on technical requirements, and immediate replies on any day-to-day things that come up — which is a huge benefit to us and our clients.
Liam Quinn

Technical Director at Vervaunt

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