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World-class agency designing seamless, user-centric and highly creative eCommerce experiences, and pushing the boundaries of Yotpo’s platform to delight customers with engaging loyalty programs and conversion-boosting UGC assets across the user journey.

Half Helix is a full-service agency focused on building, growing, and guiding the next generation of eCommerce companies through strategic planning, user experience design, full-stack engineering, and analytics and optimization.

Mavi guarantees the perfect fit and encourages repeat customers with Yotpo’s solutions

Premium denim brand Mavi approached Half Helix with a tall order: to build a redesigned site with the main goals of improving customer acquisition, increasing customer lifetime value, updating the UX/UI, improving site speed, increasing AOV, and developing product recommendations. The brand wanted to keep their store simple and straightforward, with updates to make it fast, easy to navigate, and flush with all the information customers need to find their perfect pair of jeans.

Half Helix suggested Yotpo Reviews and Loyalty to help the brand achieve their goals. Mavi wanted a custom design, and Yotpo’s CSS editor allowed the agency to get creative with the look and feel of the website, customizing each product to integrate flawlessly into Mavi’s design system. Jeans are personal, and people need to have the right information to find their perfect pair. By adding Yotpo Reviews, shoppers get a lot more information about the different jeans and denim on Mavi’s site, improving the buyer journey and increasing acquisition. Implementing the loyalty program allowed Mavi to increase customer retention, with a simple-to-navigate landing page that explains the program’s value in detail.

Yotpo has been an ideal solution, allowing Mavi to quickly and seamlessly integrate connected solutions to improve customer acquisition and increase customer lifetime value and other high-value growth opportunities. Mavi is collecting 14% more reviews, and the order-to-review conversion rate has gone up by .7% for a total of 4.82%. There has also been a steady increase in engagement on the site when it comes to review widgets and how visitors engage with them. And by just updating the look and feel of the rewards landing page, the brand saw a substantial boost in loyalty participation rate.

Half Helix’s clients vary from self-funded entrepreneurs to multinational corporations. Yotpo has been an incredible partner in benefiting all client types, allowing shared clients to quickly and seamlessly integrate connected solutions to increase customer lifetime value. Yotpo’s solutions, from Reviews, Loyalty & Referrals, Visual UGC, and SMSBump, to the newly added Subscriptions, have been key solutions for Half Helix’s eCommerce brands across the ecosystem.

Our partnership with Yotpo could easily be described as close contact. The Yotpo team have been incredible contributors who are a huge part of the success of the partnership. Our shared clients are largely enterprise clients, from Peloton to Rothy's, allowing us to align activities and work together to push upstream. We love the enterprise experience and professionalism that Yotpo brings to the partnership — and we'll keep bringing the execution.
Mac King

Managing Director at Half Helix

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