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Best Tech Partner

Cutting-edge eCommerce technology company that is committed to the Yotpo partnership, joint business and marketing opportunities, and driving incredible results for mutual clients.

Gorgias is the #1 rated helpdesk for Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce that has already helped 11,000+ businesses from all over the globe to boost their sales by organizing a seamless journey for their customers.

Mixhers integrates with Gorgias and Yotpo to create a seamless customer journey

Mixhers — a supplement brand for women, by women — wanted to strengthen their customer retention and reduce churn. They were trying to achieve this while remaining efficient with a small but mighty Customer Support team. The brand turned to Yotpo and Gorgias to help them lighten the load and streamline operations. 

Yotpo’s deep multi-product integration with Gorgias made it the perfect fit to power Mixhers’ retention engine with reviews and SMS marketing, while ensuring the CS team had full visibility of the customers’ interaction with the brand across these channels. 

Mixhers implemented Yotpo SMSBump, Reviews, and Loyalty to streamline various customer touchpoints and improve retention. Through reviews, Mixhers gathered strong social proof that allowed them to significantly increase on-site conversions. The Mixhers Girl Rewards program further helped increase repeat purchases, while SMS marketing allowed the brand to communicate at scale with their customer base. These additions have resulted in a much smoother and effortless experience for their customers — all while maintaining quick and efficient support and chat communications via Gorgias.

The Yotpo and Gorgias integration allows Gorgias to consolidate high-level customer data points in one place.  The integration has not only resulted in significant contributions to Mixhers’ retention figures but has also played a crucial role in reducing churn rates. As a result, the brand witnessed an 11% decrease in churn during the last quarter.

Yotpo and Gorgias tell a strong “better together” story with their deep integration, that offers a seamless experience for customer service agents. Leveraging Yotpo’s customer data, including aggregate review metrics, latest reviews, and loyalty account information, support agents can personalize customer interactions by viewing customer profiles in Gorgias and respond accordingly.  In addition, agents are also able to handle reviews and questions through Yotpo SMSBump. The proof is in the pudding, as Gorgias and Yotpo currently have 1300+ mutual customers and work together to provide top-notch service to shared customers.

Our partnership has been instrumental in helping brands provide exceptional omnichannel support. Reviews are the backbone of building a brand’s credibility, and brands leveraging Yotpo x Gorgias together are capitalizing on reviews-led acquisition and brand management. Our integration runs multi-fold into Yotpo's product suite, and adding Yotpo SMSBump to that mix supercharges the retention marketing engine that is an increasing focus for brands this year.
Pallavi Malhotra

Sr. Tech Partnerships Manager at Gorgias

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