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Forward-thinking agency focused on creative and effective customer acquisition strategies across established and emerging media channels, which have shown a tangible impact on merchant growth.

With 10 years of industry experience, Elephant Room works with leading and emerging Shopify brands to accelerate growth through an alchemy of technology, design, and performance marketing.

Bed Threads boosts AOV with Dream Club, powered by Yotpo Loyalty

Linen bedding brand Bed Threads has had significant new customer acquisition over the last few years, driven by paid media. Looking for a solution for re-engaging customers, minimizing churn, and lifting CLTV, the brand reached out to Elephant Room for support.

To meet the brand’s goals, the agency implemented Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals. Bed Thread, Elephant room and Yotpo’s local Australian team were able to quickly build and execute a unique and on-brand tiered loyalty and referrals program, Dream Club. Leveraging Yotpo’s data, insights, and loyalty expertise, Elephant Room was able to set up smarter segmentation and create more dynamic customer experiences that boost engagement.

Yotpo’s solutions have provided Bed Threads with a significant uplift in AOV for loyalty and referral customers. Since the launch, the brand has seen a 60% increase in average order value for customers who redeemed points, creating a new segment of high-value customers and giving the brand a strong incentive to better market and grow the program.

Yotpo’s investment in a local APAC team has been tremendous for their relationship with Elephant Room, and has given them the ability to deliver amazing work for mutual clients in the region. Yotpo’s team has made a substantial investment in the agency’s education and training, enabling the team to clearly explain the benefits of Yotpo’s broader platform. This simplifies the sales and onboarding process, leading to quicker implementation and wins for customers.

Yotpo has given us a platform to genuinely grow a business without inflating capital expenditure. The focus on first-party data, retention-based activities, and genuine sales motivators provides a serious edge in maximizing customer value and retention with a brand.
Adam Sharon-Zipser

Director at Elephant Room

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