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Pioneer and innovator in the eComm industry with expertise in developing cutting-edge marketing strategies, creating innovative and effective approaches to promote new products, and reaching untapped markets in emerging regions.

Convert Digital is a leading Australian eCommerce agency with a focus on designing and developing high-converting websites — as one of Australia's only platform-agnostic agencies, they offer merchants a versatile fit-for-purpose approach to their individual requirements.

Esther & Co drives conversion and refines their products with Yotpo Reviews

Women’s clothing brand Esther & Co enlisted Covert Digital to help collate reviews from their customers in order to collect data on their product and customer experience — as well as helping to drive acquisition and conversion.

Convert Digital and Yotpo have a long-standing partnership, and the agency is always confident in recommending Yotpo’s solutions based on many successful use cases and mutual clients. To help Esther & Co convert more customers and gain valuable feedback from them, the agency implemented Yotpo Reviews.

Displaying customer reviews has helped Esther & Co drive conversion growth as this gives their customers confidence in the product they are offering. This has helped the brand’s team fine-tune their product mix and offer items better suited to their customer needs. The brand’s product sales and performance continues to improve as a result and they now have the ability to showcase their reviews on their PDP which has resulted in a 15% growth in conversion.

In regards to acquisition, Esther & Co are still in a growth stage and their new customer revenue is 50% of their total revenue. They are certain that reviews play a part in this as it gives their new customers confidence in the product they are offering. And reviews aren’t just a tool for acquiring a new customer — they are essential for ensuring a valuable first purchase, which helps set the stage for long-term retention and higher CLTV.

Convert Digital has been fostering a close working relationship with Yotpo since 2016, and over the years they’ve witnessed Yotpo’s services to mutual clients continually improve. The recent expansion of Yotpo’s team to Australia has also strengthened the partnership, enabling the agency to provide better experiences and on-the-ground support to their clients.

“Through the years, we have witnessed significant advancements in Yotpo's offerings that have brought positive benefits to our clients. With the quick expansion of the Yotpo team in Australia, we are now able to provide swift troubleshooting for our clients, and have established a culture of open communication between our teams, ultimately leading to better customer experiences and a growth in mutual sales and marketing opportunities.”
Charlotte Michalanney

Head of Marketing at Convert Digital

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