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World-class agency designing seamless, user-centric and highly creative eCommerce experiences, and pushing the boundaries of Yotpo’s platform to delight customers with engaging loyalty programs and conversion-boosting UGC assets across the user journey.

Woolman is a leading Shopify Plus agency for global brands, an award-winning commerce partner for startups, scale-ups, and Fortune 500 companies, and Shopify Plus Innovator of the Year in 2022.

Activewear brand aim’n solidifies their global footprint with Yotpo’s solutions

Swedish activewear and athleisure brand aim’n is on a mission to inspire women worldwide to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. As a global brand with a growing footprint, they needed the right technology to scale their business. They enlisted Woolman to help take them to the forefront of a competitive vertical.

When it comes to athletic wear, fit is important. Woolman implemented Yotpo Reviews so that shoppers could easily find the right products for them with advanced functionality for filters, search, and customer photos. As an added bonus, they leveraged Yotpo’s multiple languages capabilities, which was essential as the brand expanded their presence to more countries.

aim’n also wanted to launch a loyalty program to boost engagement and repeat purchases. Woolman worked closely with the brand and Yotpo to build Dream Club, an on-brand, tiered loyalty program with unique perks and rewards. To further review collection, the brand incentivizes product feedback with points, using the two channels together to promote both conversion and retention.

aim’n has seen a substantial conversion boost after implementing Yotpo Reviews, as well as increased ROAS on ads showcasing customer feedback. The Dream Club, powered by Yotpo Loyalty, has led to higher CLTV and customer retention. Together, Yotpo’s interconnected solutions have helped the brand to scale up their operations on the global level.

Woolman has been a loyal Yotpo partner for years, and leverages Yotpo’s solutions to help brands of all sizes harness their first-party data and strengthen their relationships with customers. The agency’s dedicated growth team helps mutual customers get the maximum value from Yotpo Loyalty, Reviews, and more, to boost retention and build better customer experiences.

Yotpo's solutions are the backbone to our D2C brands, especially during these times of global uncertainty and rising customer acquisition costs. We can see clear results in increased purchase frequency, higher CLTV, and improved first-party data collection for brands.
Mikko Rekola

Chief Evangelist at Woolman

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