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Excellence Award

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Outstanding agency driving mutual client success through innovative eCommerce strategies, that exhibits commitment to the partnership, consistency and quality of shared business, expertise with Yotpo’s full suite of products, and support across the entire customer lifecycle.

As the largest Shopify Plus agency in the world, The Stable, part of Accenture Song, is a commerce agency that drives the eCommerce ecosystem by working with brands of all sizes, stages, and verticals to grow their business, regardless of where they are in their journey.

Duke Cannon adds Yotpo to their tech stack and drives higher customer retention

Duke Cannon is a pioneer brand in the Men’s Grooming category, and is committed to making superior-quality goods that meet the high standards of hardworking men. The Stable, Part of Accenture Song, curated a meaningful relationship with the Duke Cannon team through collaborative work on the brand’s strategies and sales at Target and Meijer. From there, the agency gained the opportunity to grow the partnership with additional service offerings, including a new D2C eCommerce website build.

Duke Cannon enlisted The Stable to transform their existing DTC website from an outdated theme to a custom Shopify storefront that would increase brand awareness, consideration, and conversion. As part of the overhaul, The Stable implemented Yotpo Reviews, and built a robust rewards program with Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals.

For Duke Cannon, Yotpo’s diversified offering was a huge advantage, as it would eliminate the need for multiple vendors by delivering reviews, loyalty, and referrals through a single platform. The addition of Yotpo solutions to Duke Cannon’s tech stack allowed them to deliver a more immersive and interactive experience that led to stronger relationships with their consumers.

After launching Yotpo Reviews and Loyalty & Referrals, Duke Cannon saw a significant increase in annual retention. The brand’s next steps include expanding their rewards offering to make it more visible on-site, and incorporating rewards messaging into more of their one-time and automated emails and SMS messages.

The Stable and Yotpo operate as an extension of the same team. Their extensive shared client roster is a testament to the strategic partnership that is leading the future of commerce. Thanks to Yotpo’s strong portfolio of services and solutions, The Stable has a proven track record of mutually beneficial success for the brands they work with, and they’ve been able to meet their goal of accelerating meaningful growth for hundreds of clients.

All great partnerships are built on capability and mutual trust. Yotpo has consistently impressed us by showing their depth of knowledge, level of support, and understanding of our client base.
Nick Thomson

VP Partnerships (DTC) at The Stable

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At Yotpo, we collaborate with top players in the eCommerce industry to drive growth for our mutual direct-to-consumer customers. We work closely with key integrators, eCommerce agencies, and technology partners to deliver exceptional customer experiences that drive ROI and retention using Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform. Our global team of experienced eCommerce experts supports the Yotpo Partner Community, ensuring that our partners achieve success in their endeavors.

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