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Best eComm Expert

Exceptional eComm player that leads the industry with thought leadership, hands-on guidance, technical savviness, and growth strategies for brands to build, optimize, and scale their D2C channels.

Tomorrow is a digital agency that brings enterprise experience to the Shopify ecosystem, providing strategy, design, and technology solutions for industry-leading brands and retailers — specializing in custom designs, builds, and migrations onto Shopify Plus.

Kendo Brands finds a scalable solution for their flagship beauty brands with Yotpo Reviews and Visual UGC

The leadership at Kendo Brands, a subsidiary of LVMH that incubates beauty and skincare brands and works with industry-leading brands like Fenty Beauty, turned to Tomorrow to architect their digital transformation goals: the total redesign of four sites, where any brand site can inherit the features and functionalities of any other. The first two brands selected for the Kendo digital transformation were KVD Beauty and Ole Henriksen, both with ardent and enthusiastic fanbases.

Tomorrow chose Yotpo to represent the voice of the community by integrating Visual UGC and rich Reviews modules. At the same time, the core goal was to make reusable assets across the family of brands. Yotpo’s inherent product flexibility allowed the agency to create a highly brand-specific look-and-feel across multiple sites, yet with 100% shared feature functionality.

Yotpo consistently remains a recommended vendor of choice for Tomorrow’s clients, as an industry-leading marketing platform solution for eCommerce brands. With Yotpo’s strong integrations to both Shopify and other leading third-party vendors in the Shopify ecosystem — Tomorrow knew they could rely on Yotpo as a strategic partner, for seamless implementation across Kendo’s portfolio of beauty brands.

Following the subsequent launches in August 2022, between KVD Beauty and Ole Henriksen, the Kendo Brands portfolio has seen a 24.67% increase in conversion rate, 3.34% increase in AOV, and an increase of 37.03% in orders. The brands have been able to continue to leverage Yotpo to promote brand advocacy, engagement, and lasting relationships — and with their continued growth, also know they will be well supported through their collaborative partnership and Yotpo’s easy to implement, and growing suite of innovative eCommerce marketing solutions.

Over the past year, the partnership between Tomorrow and Yotpo has seen tremendous growth and even deeper collaboration between the teams in sales, delivery, and marketing. Tomorrow’s creative teams collaborate closely with the Yotpo Partner and Product Teams in identifying what’s possible in terms of pushing the boundaries of design on Yotpo’s platform, and sharing feedback and product requests from some of Tomorrow’s largest clients.

I've worked with Yotpo for more than six years and I am always amazed by their products and services. Yotpo has made a lot of smart decisions in their product roadmap to provide stronger connections between brands and their customers, from Ratings & Reviews, Loyalty & Referrals, to SMSBump, and Subscriptions. The integration with Yotpo is always seamless — we've used Yotpo to power some of the most innovative and complex omnichannel features on Shopify.
Olivia Yuan

Co-Founder at Tomorrow

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