Best Integration Partner


Best Integration Partner

Leading app or platform whose integrations with Yotpo have been a game-changer for mutual merchants, propelling their growth and demonstrating a measurable impact on their businesses.

Lexer is plug-and-play data science for customer-centric retailers — Lexer's Customer Data & Experience Platform fuels insights that drive revenue-generating customer experiences.

Body Glove gets to know — and reward — their most engaged customers with Lexer and Yotpo Loyalty

Watersport apparel brand Body Glove was looking for a loyalty solution that was both easy to launch and easy to manage. The brand used Yotpo to launch their Beach Club Loyalty & Rewards Program, and enlisted Lexer’s help in understanding the lifetime value and order frequency of their loyalty program members in comparison to customers that were not part of the program. Body Glove also wanted insights into how those same metrics differ by each of the loyalty tiers, so they could get an overall understanding of the program’s performance.

The Yotpo and Lexer integration allows brands to sync their loyalty and reviews data into Lexer, enabling brands to identify and recognize their most loyal and valuable customers, thereby enabling them to celebrate their biggest supporters and enhance their customer engagement strategies.

Body Glove can now see that loyalty program members have a 31% higher purchase frequency than non-loyalty members. In fact, loyalty members are 62.5% more likely to make a second purchase. Further, loyalty members have a 24% higher lifetime value than non-loyalty members, and Gold-level tier loyalty members have a 530% higher average order value than the Bronze-level tier.

Since launching the integration with Yotpo, Lexer has seen a significant positive impact on mutual customers. The integration helps brands drive more engagement from their most loyal customers and celebrate their biggest promoters. By syncing Yotpo loyalty and reviews data with Lexer, brands can take a more data-driven approach to drive loyalty programs and increase customer engagement. The teams at Yotpo and Lexer have demonstrated a commitment to the partnership by ensuring the integration is optimally working, maintaining strong lines of communication, and supporting joint customers.

At Lexer, we believe technology partnerships are fundamental to unlocking the full potential of our technology, enabling our joint clients to deliver exceptional customer experiences that drive customer lifetime value. Our partnership with Yotpo continues to exceed both our and our client's expectations. Out-of-the-box integrations, playbooks built on experience, and joint strategic and technical support makes choosing this best-of-breed solution highly impactful and risk-free.
Alex Knight

Chief Commercial Officer at Lexer

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