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Tapcart is a Shopify Plus certified app that allows retailers of any size to design and launch fully native, codeless mobile apps for their stores quickly and seamlessly.

Tapcart used Yotpo Loyalty and Reviews in Upful Blends’ mobile app to make the mobile buying experience as seamless as on desktop

Upful Blends is an African and Afro-Latina-owned brand that creates tea blends and supplements using organic, natural, and ethically grown herbs. With the majority of eCommerce business coming from mobile devices, the company wanted their customers’ mobile experience to be just as seamless as if they were ordering from their personal computer. They looked to Tapcart and Yotpo to make that happen.

Tapcart implemented Yotpo Reviews into Upful Blends’ app, adding a layer of social proof to product pages to drive conversions, and Yotpo Loyalty to improve customer retention. The brand leverages push notifications to notify customers about double points promotions and other loyalty plays, keeping members engaged between purchases. With Yotpo and Tapcart, Upful Blends has seen 20% of their sales come through the app. They see a 95% retention rate for app usage and a 64% returning customer rate. 

The Tapcart and Yotpo partnership has proven to be one of Tapcart’s most popular integrations and their top 10 highest-grossing apps all use Yotpo as part of their tech stack. App shoppers are looking to earn points and learn more about products with authentic loyalty and reviews that are front and center. Having these features powered by Yotpo seamlessly integrated within the brand’s app is a necessity for Tapcart customers.

"It’s been an awesome experience being partnered with Yotpo! Our customers love being able to take advantage of Yotpo’s loyalty, reviews, and now UGC capabilities in their mobile app. Partnerships like this help us create best-in-class mobile app experiences for Shopify-powered merchants worldwide."
Eric Netsch

CEO at Tapcart

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