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Best BigCommerce Agency

A leading agency that has done outstanding work for brands in the BigCommerce ecosystem

Moustache Republic is a leading and trusted digital commerce partner across APAC, with unparalleled experience with local and global eCommerce brands.

Moustache Republic helped Lyres become the most widely distributed non-alcoholic brand in the world with Yotpo solutions

In 2019, Lyres was a new player in the non-alcoholic beverage field. Seeking a rapid deployment of its eCommerce site and global domination of its industry, it turned to Moustache Republic for help. The agency quickly identified and recommended Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform as the best enterprise-level suite of solutions for Lyres’ rapid growth ambitions.

Lyres implemented Yotpo Reviews, Visual UGC, and Loyalty & Referrals to meet their aggressive goals. With a global strategy and a rapid multi-site rollout over the span of just 18 months, Lyres became a true success story. Their products are now sold in 50 countries across multiple channels, including the world’s “Top 50” bars, and Lyres is the most award-winning and widely-distributed nonalcoholic brand in the world. Since adopting Yotpo, the brand has seen 40% growth MoM and a 6% increase in conversion rate.


Moustache Republic’s partnership with Yotpo has been instrumental to the mutual success of their clients. Once the agency identifies that UGC, Loyalty, and SMS would benefit their client, they work together with Yotpo’s team to educate the client on the benefits of Yotpo’s products. Together, they decide on the best product suite and the preferred implementation plan. This collaborative process leads to clients who are confident that they are gaining the most potential from their eCommerce business.

“With the strong collaboration between Moustache Republic and Yotpo, our clients receive a seamless customer experience, increased website usability, stability, and improved sales conversion rate. Our clients respect our deep product knowledge and trust that when we implement Yotpo, we set them up for rapid scalability.”
Laura Doonin

Partner & Director at Moustache Republic

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