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Underwaterpistol is an end-to-end Shopify agency that propels brands through a unique four-phase framework: plan, create, grow, accelerate.

Underwaterpistol leveraged Yotpo Visual UGC and Reviews to help Arighi Bianchi empower customers to tell their brand story

The home goods industry has skyrocketed in the past two years, as the newly homebound look to renew their spaces. Recognizing the opportunity for its online store to achieve game-changing revenue, luxury furniture brand Arighi Bianchi enlisted Underwaterpistol for a full eCommerce overhaul, complete with a rebrand to propel their business into a new era of homeware.

Loved and lauded by influencers, Arighi Bianchi needed a way to showcase the high volume of UGC they already received, so Underwaterpistol chose to integrate Yotpo’s Visual UGC solution on their eCommerce site. They then migrated from another provider to Yotpo Reviews and incorporated reviews into individual product pages, furthering the trust cues that excite, engage, and persuade shoppers to purchase. Now, every product on the Arighi Bianchi store has reviews present, so customers can make confident and informed purchases. Meanwhile, the “AB Styled By You” UGC gallery demonstrates what the furniture could look like in a shopper’s home – a touch that has contributed to soaring conversion rates. The redesign project and ongoing marketing has resulted in a 6.75% increase in conversion rate YoY, and a 16.14% conversion rate increase compared with the previous six months.


Underwaterpistol’s partnership with Yotpo allows the agency and their mutual clients to achieve excellence in the D2C world. Both Yotpo and Underwaterpistol share a common trait in the eCommerce ecosystem: collaborating on new functionality and innovating together with merchants across the globe. Underwaterpistol empowers brands to launch from, migrate to, and thrive on the Shopify Plus platform, which includes selecting the right tools for each brand. As Underwaterpistol strives to innovate and inspire in eCommerce, the variety of Yotpo products available enables them to create coherent, compelling journeys that keep customers coming back for more.

"What strikes us about Yotpo is a genuine feeling of joint enterprise. Yotpo quickly picks up on queries and treats our clients and prospect clients as their own. It’s just a very responsive dynamic, with collaborative problem-solving about how they can help and what they can do to push the needle. A good partnership is often about personalities, but with Yotpo it feels more like a natural extension of our own team."
Gary Carruthers

Director & Co-Founder at Underwaterpistol

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