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Best Design Agency

An exceptional agency that delivers cutting-edge eCommerce website design and boundary-pushing customer experiences

Verbal+Visual crafts aspirational eCommerce experiences for thoughtful brands that believe in a mission larger than themselves.

Verbal+Visual’s full redesign of Faherty’s website relied on Yotpo for leveraging and rewarding their loyal customers

Verbal+Visual embarked on a full site redesign for family-owned apparel brand Faherty on Shopify Plus throughout 2021, working in tandem with the brand’s repositioning to enhance their digital experience. The goal was to create a high-converting site that didn’t feel like a standard eCommerce site, but more like the intersection of a travel blog and a digital product.

The Yotpo team was integral from the start, helping Verbal+Visual determine how to leverage and grow Faherty’s passionate customer base. The agency used Yotpo Loyalty to power Faherty’s new loyalty and perks program, and leveraged Yotpo Reviews to highlight customer questions that provide more detail to users on buyer information, sizing, and the quality of the products. After a complete website redesign, Verbal+Visual helped Faherty improve site performance and increase conversion rates, scaling their business for years to come. Three months post-launch, the brand already saw a 3.52% increase in conversion rate, an 8.7% increase in AOV, and an increase of 59% in revenue.

Verbal+Visual has had a close partnership with Yotpo for many years. The partnership has allowed Verbal+Visual to have a truly reliable loyalty and reviews partner. Given the open communication of the Yotpo team, overall quality of the technology, and reasonable pricing structure for their client base, Yotpo products are an easy decision for Verbal+Visual when recommending tech solutions to clients. The agency trusts Yotpo for their eCommerce projects so much so that roughly 80% of their clients are on Yotpo products.

"Yotpo was a true partner when it came to rolling out the new Faherty perks and loyalty program. We were excited to show Faherty the power of such a program as it relates to customer retention and brand loyalty, and they dove in to maximize the flexibility contained within Yotpo reviews."
Anshey Bhatia

Founder & CEO of Verbal+Visual

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