Best Integration Partner


Best Integration Partner

A partner whose integration with Yotpo propels mutual customer growth and improves consumer experiences

Gorgias is the #1 rated customer service platform for eCommerce brands, consolidating customer channels into a single dashboard to streamline communication.

Vegamour streamlines customer service and grows their loyalty program with Gorgias and Yotpo

Vegan beauty brand Vegamour wanted to streamline their customer service operations, so they could provide better, more comprehensive support to shoppers on their eCommerce site. They selected Gorgias as their helpdesk, and switched from their reviews provider to Yotpo because of its integration with Gorgias and the promise of great flexibility in communicating with customers. They had been looking for a loyalty solution as well, which made Yotpo’s multi-product platform appealing.

Aligned with Gorgias’ integration, Vegamour implemented Yotpo Reviews, making it easier to better address customer concerns and directly respond to negative reviews through one support channel. With the Yotpo Loyalty integration, the brand was able to funnel customers from their helpdesk into their rewards program, growing membership and retention.


Gorgias has invested in building a native integration exclusively with Yotpo, which speaks to their confidence in the value Yotpo will continuously deliver to mutual brands. With Gorgias and Yotpo, customer data is instantly made available the second a conversation is opened up with a customer. This powerful integration gives a brand’s support team incredible insights for mutual customers, making it easy to deliver the fast and personalized experiences that consumers want and expect.

"Yotpo has become a top Gorgias technology partner, not only because of its best-in-class platform and our integration to support mutual merchants, but because of how they approach working with other technology vendors. Their commitment to reciprocity, and building value-add relationships is among the best in the industry, which has translated into incredible mutual success for our clients."
Phil Roireau

VP of BizDev & Partnerships at Gorgias

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