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A forward-thinking agency with creative digital marketing strategies that have a direct impact on the success and growth of brands

MuteSix is an award-winning, full-funnel performance marketing agency creating value for D2C brands with data-driven results at every step of the funnel.

MuteSix found creative solutions to reward Noémie’s customers with Yotpo’s customizable loyalty solution

When luxury jewelry brand Noémie came to MuteSix for help increasing their rate of repeat shoppers, they had no loyalty and referral program in place. Like many high-end brands, Noémie typically shied away from traditional promotions. They were eager to find a discount-free solution that would allow them to raise retention while acquiring more conversion-boosting UGC, rather than typical text-only reviews.

MuteSix offered Noémie a winning solution by combining Yotpo Reviews and Loyalty: rewards for user-generated content that contains photos or video. With loyalty points from UGC, customers are now able to redeem points for cash, which allows them to enjoy special savings without Noémie having to run sales. With this custom-crafted solution, Noémie has acquired nearly 2,000 loyalty customers in just a few short months. Noémie Loyalty has proven so successful that 57% of all orders are from loyalty members. The jewelry line is now eager to explore other innovative Yotpo solutions for their brand, including the opportunity for loyal customers to donate their points to a charity of their choosing.


Best-in-class performance is at the heart of MuteSix, and they expect the same from the partners to whom they refer their valued clients. The agency is proud to partner with Yotpo, a leader in the eCommerce marketing space, and see firsthand how impressed MuteSix clients are that Yotpo tops their roster of valued partners. From the introduction process to ideation to implementation, MuteSix and Yotpo collaborate well, due to their shared values of stellar customer service and excellent performance. MuteSix knows their clients — no matter how unique their needs — will be in good hands with Yotpo and applaud the success they see time and time again when working together.

"At MuteSix, we know that no two clients are ever the same. While their goals may be similar, the path to achieve them looks different for each, so we always set out to find the right one to maximize success. Yotpo shares the same outside-of-the-box mentality and collaborative spirit as MuteSix, so we can always trust they'll think up the winning solution for our valued clients and collaborate every step of the way."
Chanel DeVetter

Head of Lifecycle Marketing at MuteSix

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