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Red Van Workshop (RVW) is a Salesforce-certified partner specializing in complex, multi-brand eCommerce solutions for the world’s best brands.

Using Yotpo as part of their custom Autobahn solution, Red Van was able to relaunch Camping World and its sister sites in just six months

Camping World and its sister brands, Overton’s and Gander Outdoors, had just completed a migration to the latest version of Salesforce. However, each site was built independent of the other, with an underlying architecture that was fragmented and a front end design that was laden with customizations. Camping World sought out Red Van to help unify the architecture and back end integrations, as well as to allow the brand designers to have flexibility.

Red Van implemented their Autobahn solution — a lite layer architecture that sits above Salesforce but below any design code  — as the base foundation, and Camping World was able to relaunch all three sites in six months. And with Yotpo pre-integrated into Autobahn, Camping World hit the market with a site that is free of custom code which they can manage themselves, and is already generating incredible results.


Red Van Workshop is proud to be a dedicated partner to Yotpo across their Salesforce eCommerce solutions. In fact, Yotpo is Red Van’s only partner for Loyalty and was chosen as Red Van’s top technology partner to be “pre-integrated” into their Autobahn solution. By building Yotpo directly into their site solutions, Red Van is able to incorporate Yotpo products into every client project they work on. Red Van is confident that with Yotpo products, they can save time and cost for client projects with a solution that, quite simply, delivers results.

"Yotpo represents everything we at Red Van value in a partner. We believe in, and value, people and technology. Yotpo's commitment to their customers is reflected in their commitment to their technology. When we first designed and developed Autobahn, we sought out the gold standard for loyalty to pre-integrate into the solution. Yotpo was the clear and obvious choice, and our mutual clients could not be more pleased."
Zach Seeling

Vice President and Principal Architect at Red Van Workshop

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