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A forward-thinking agency with creative digital marketing strategies that have a direct impact on the success and growth of brands

Vervaunt is a forward-thinking paid media agency and eCommerce consultancy, collaborating with ambitious brands to help grow and scale their online businesses.

When the global pandemic hit, Joseph Joseph turned to Vervaunt to help ramp up their eCommerce strategy with Yotpo solutions

Joseph Joseph sells over 1,000 kitchenware and bathroom products in 100 countries around the world. But when the pandemic hit and many stores and retailers closed, they needed to focus more on eCommerce.  Joseph Joseph was managing their paid search strategy in-house, but they were struggling to scale spend and realized they needed expert help. That’s where Vervaunt and Yotpo came in.

Vervaunt’s goal was to increase eCommerce sales and revenue while maintaining a similar ad spend, and Yotpo Reviews and Visual UGC was the perfect solution. New customers could easily be reassured by strong and plentiful reviews, and the details Yotpo could capture with tailored questions meant any worries around the product or specifications could be minimized. Visual UGC galleries of authentic customer images provided another layer of social proof. These features built brand trust and strengthened engagement with their customers, increasing the chances of them returning for future purchases. The results? Joseph Joseph had an 82% increase in sales with a 99% increase in conversion rate and a 50% increase in ROI.


Vervaunt and Yotpo have developed a very close relationship that embodies a true partnership. Through constant communication and team check-ins, Vervaunt and Yotpo are able to quickly address and resolve any bugs, issues, or difficulties in their mutual clients’ eCommerce projects. Vervaunt continues to learn from the Yotpo team on how to best leverage Yotpo products for their clients, as well as what is happening in the wider eCommerce marketing landscape through regular learning and skills sessions.

"The Yotpo team has given us inspiration on how to better use its platform and tech for our clients, and has also helped upskill and train the team on the wider loyalty and reviews landscape. Our ongoing communication with the team has given us a good idea of the upcoming roadmap and exciting Yotpo updates, meaning we stay ahead of the curve and can give solid advice to our clients."
Liam Quinn

Technical eCommerce Consultant at Vervaunt

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