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The Maze Group is a strategic consultancy that creates scalable, sustainable, and highly effective digital experiences that help their customers succeed.

From B2B to D2C, The Maze Group helped build out a successful eCommerce business for Candle-lite with Shopify Plus and Yotpo

Candle-lite had been making and selling candles for over 180 years but was looking for ways to grow beyond their legacy wholesale model, so they partnered with The Maze Group to create their Shopify Plus D2C site. It was important to Candle-lite that Maze build systems that were well integrated and allowed for maximum automation to help reduce the need for hiring additional resources and dependency on an agency long-term. Maze worked with the brand to build digital fluency so that typical agency services could be transitioned to internal teams.

Customer ratings and reviews were a must as the brand expanded to D2C, so Maze was confident in recommending Yotpo Reviews during phase one of the project. Candle-lite’s new D2C business has resulted in a 51% increase in paid search revenue, a 277% increase in conversion rate, and 54% increase in revenue. Looking ahead, Maze is planning on incorporating more Yotpo products in subsequent phases, as Yotpo Reviews proved so successful for the brand.


Yotpo has quickly gained a reputation as a trusted partner within The Maze Group. Yotpo has proven time and again that they have the best technology to meet Maze’s client requirements, while the Yotpo team has the internal technical expertise to walk Maze and mutual clients through any concerns and customizations. Knowing that the Yotpo team can also assist clients with understanding best practices is also key to Maze’s success in bringing their project to a successful finish. With Yotpo’s platform synergy, it’s easy for their mutual merchants to see how Yotpo products working together will benefit their business and, in turn, create more well-rounded sites and eCommerce experiences.

"Yotpo is the epitome of a great partner. They are always innovating and staying ahead of the curve, but, equally important, the entire team is a pleasure to work with. We know that Yotpo will provide our clients with best-in-class technology and client service."
Chip Moloney

CMO at The Maze Group

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