Best Integration Partner


Best Integration Partner

This award recognizes a partner whose integration with Yotpo has been game-changing for customers, propelling their business growth and success

ShoppingGives, the leading social impact commerce platform, is the turn-key solution for thousands of socially conscious brands to accelerate their growth through integrated social impact.

TomboyX Boosts Purpose-Driven Purchases with ShoppingGives and Yotpo

As a socially conscious brand with strong values around creating apparel that’s inclusive of all bodies, TomboyX looked to ShoppingGives to enhance their loyalty program with donations to make it easy for their customers to align with the brand’s values while making purchases that serve a greater good. TomboyX wanted to better attract the attention of conscious consumers while gaining a deeper understanding of what causes their customers support.

In collaboration with Yotpo, ShoppingGives helped TomboyX create a unique loyalty program that combines rewards with donations, to build more authentic customer relationships while creating a positive impact. Earned loyalty points can be used on future purchases while encouraging customers to convert and redeem points for additional donations to support the cause of their choice. As consumers become increasingly concerned about a brand’s impact on society, TomboyX is showing their customers that what matters to them also matters to TomboyX, all while increasing purpose-driven purchases.

TomboyX is high-quality apparel made for comfort and confidence with sizes from XS – 6X.

The partnership between ShoppingGives and Yotpo powers a mutually beneficial ecosystem, where brands bolster long-term retention and customers feel good about their purchases—  all to the benefit of important causes. This model sparks a more engaging moment with shoppers and creates a loyalty program that stands out from the competition. The partnership has already created a widespread impact, with thousands of points being redeemed for donations in support of a variety of individual nonprofits. 

“Through our partnership with Yotpo, we have elevated our brand positioning by partnering with the best rewards and loyalty provider to offer merchants unique and customized loyalty and donations programs. We’re excited to see the expanding social impact our partnership with Yotpo continues to create.”
Ronny Sage

Founder and CEO, ShoppingGives

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