Best Shopify Plus Agency


Best Shopify Plus Agency

This award recognizes a leading agency for the outstanding work they’ve done for brands in the Shopify Plus ecosystem

BVA is a commerce agency that incubates and grows the direct-to-consumer brands that people love.

Lifetime Brands Build Deeper Customer Connections with BVA and Yotpo

In need of an eCommerce platform that would be easier to manage, Lifetime Brands turned to Shopify Plus experts BVA, who migrated nine storefronts to the platform. BVA implemented a highly customizable and reusable theme that could be applied to all of the brands, each with its own unique UI to ensure the individual sites had their own distinct identity while being intuitive and easy to manage.

With their new and improved websites, Lifetime Brands was looking to bolster their D2C presence, build credibility, and establish deeper relationships with their customers across their brands. BVA recommended Yotpo’s industry-leading solutions for Reviews and Visual UGC for all nine new storefronts, providing a proactive and streamlined approach to collecting and displaying user-generated content. Looking ahead, Lifetime Brands will be adding Yotpo’s solutions for Loyalty and Referrals to increase new customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value.

Lifetime Brands is a leading global provider of kitchenware, tableware, and other products used in the home.

Fueled by a mutual passion for merchant success and a commitment to driving business for their partners, BVA and Yotpo’s longstanding relationship has seen countless successful implementations, numerous co-marketing collaborations, and tons of shared business. The partnership between BVA and Yotpo is not only award-winning but also allows both organizations to accelerate leading D2C brands into the future of commerce.

“Our partnership with Yotpo has been critical to our success as an agency, and we believe that the depth of their service offering is a cornerstone for innovative and forward-thinking experiential commerce.”
Travis Hess

Chief Commercial Officer, BVA

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