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eBooks & Guides The State of UK Customer Loyalty & Retention 2023

Inflation, price hikes, a cost of living crisis: Where does this leave customer loyalty & retention among Brits?

eBooks & Guides The State of Australian Customer Loyalty & Retention 2023

We asked. Aussie shoppers answered. Here's what keeps them coming back to your brand, again and again.

eBooks & Guides The State of Customer Loyalty & Retention 2023

Global consumers have weighed in, revealing their expectations for brands in exchange for their repeat business.

Videos & Webinars Brand2Brand Webinar: Health is Wealth

Join 3 leading D2C brands for a candid conversation on how to thrive in the Health and Wellness industry.

Tenderly Rooted
eBooks & Guides Tenderly Rooted Leverages Yotpo Products to Drive Retention

Tenderly Rooted Leverages Yotpo Subscriptions & SMSBump to Drive Retention

2022 Yotpo Subscription Shoppers Survey
eBooks & Guides 2022 Subscription Shoppers Survey Maps the Road to Success

Our latest survey reveals shoppers subscription secrets. We see their preferences, expectations and more.

Case Studies Makesy’s B2B Community Motivates Loyalty & Sales

With Yotpo, Makesy created a B2B community that encourages long-term customer loyalty, excitement, and sales.

Case Studies The Elderberry Co. Saves Big Migrating to Subscriptions

The Elderberry Co. save both time and money after a seamless and successful migration to Yotpo Subscriptions.

eBooks & Guides 11 Innovative Strategies to Unlock Subscription Success

Up-level your subscription business with 11 strategies created to increase conversion and improve retention.

Case Studies Jill & Ally Launch Yotpo Subscriptions and Increase CLTV 51%

Jill & Ally launch Yotpo Subscriptions, doubling their customer return rate and increasing CLTV by 51%.

Case Studies Til You Collapse Triples Subscribers With Yotpo Subscription

Til You Collapse switched to Yotpo Subscriptions and tripled their subscribers in 3 days.

eBooks & Guides How to Add Subscriptions to Your Business Without the Hassle

Learn how to add a successful subscription-based business model to your existing eCommerce store.

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