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Case Studies The Elderberry Co. Saves Big Migrating to Subscriptions

The Elderberry Co. save both time and money after a seamless and successful migration to Yotpo Subscriptions.

Case Studies The Honest Kitchen Grows ROI by 8.7x with Yotpo Reviews and Loyalty

The Honest Kitchen uses Yotpo Reviews, VUGC, and Loyalty to build community engagement with their customers.

Retain Customers
Case Studies Tropic Skincare Sees 41x ROI Engaging UK Customers With SMS

Tropic Skincare used SMS to engage British shoppers without being intrusive, resulting in huge wins.

SMS Marketing
Case Studies ALT Fragrances Sees 48x ROI From SMS

When email and Facebook performance weakened, ALT Fragrances turned to SMS to increase engagement and revenue.

SMS Marketing
Case Studies From Three Solutions to One: Bubble Revamps Retention With Yotpo

Bubble switches to Yotpo's all-in-one approach, revitalizing retention efforts and delighting Gen Z shoppers.

Retain Customers
Case Studies Yotpo Platform Empowers Barefaced to Grow Without Bounds

With Yotpo, Barefaced humanizes their brand and catalyzes authentic connections at every touchpoint.

Retain Customers
Case Studies Jill & Ally Launch Yotpo Subscriptions and Increase CLTV 51%

Jill & Ally launch Yotpo Subscriptions, doubling their customer return rate and increasing CLTV by 51%.

Shopify Hardware & Yotpo Case study
Case Studies Shopify Hardware Uses Yotpo Reviews for Product Development

Shopify Hardware leverages Yotpo Reviews & Insights to enhance functionality and improve product development.

Benchmarks & Data
Case Studies Til You Collapse Triples Subscribers With Yotpo Subscription

Til You Collapse switched to Yotpo Subscriptions and tripled their subscribers in 3 days.

Case Studies EXALT Switches to Yotpo Self-Service Reviews, Loyalty, & SMS

EXALT consolidated their tech stack by switching to Yotpo Self-Service for Reviews, Loyalty, and SMS.

SMS Marketing
Case Studies Dossier Upgrades to Yotpo and Sees 20% of Revenue From SMS

Dossier drives more sales with Yotpo SMSBump’s integrated data, features, and SMS marketing expertise.

SMS Marketing
Case Studies How AX Paris Went From 0-100k SMS Subscribers in One Month

AX Paris supplements their email marketing with SMS to expand their mobile audience and drive more revenue.

SMS Marketing
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