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Case Studies Slumber Cloud Upgrades to Yotpo’s New Reviews Widget

Uncover how Slumber Cloud leveraged Yotpo's new Reviews widget to improve the on-site experience.

Increase Conversion Rate
Case Studies Simba Sleep Collects Over 200,000 Reviews with Yotpo

Mattress brand Simba Sleep partners with Yotpo to showcase social proof and stand out among their competitors.

Benchmarks & Data
Case Studies Hero Bread Builds a Customer-Obsessed SMS Strategy

Hero Bread and Wpromote teamed up to build a channel that boosts sales and retention with Yotpo SMS.

Retain Customers
Case Studies LSKD Increases Review Collection by 340% with Yotpo

See how activewear brand LSKD upgraded to Yotpo and optimized their post-purchase experience.

Retain Customers
Case Studies DIME Beauty Sees Retention Skyrocket With Yotpo

Using Yotpo's suite of solutions, DIME Beauty has seen retention metrics skyrocket.

Case Studies Fat and the Moon Increases Retention 100% With Yotpo Email

Fat and the Moon builds a retention-focused email marketing strategy and sees dramatic results with Yotpo.

Email Marketing
Case Studies How Bubble Doubled Their Review Collection Rate

Learn how Bubble switched from Okendo to Yotpo and began collecting twice as many reviews month over month.

Acquire Traffic
Case Studies Chaser Brand Improves ROI and Engagement by Choosing Yotpo

Chaser Brand finds a better way to email that’s more cost-efficient and effective than their former provider.

Email Marketing
Case Studies She’s Waisted Chooses SMS Experts to Grow Subscribers 241%

She's Waisted creates connected SMS experiences that build relationships and drive revenue with Yotpo SMS & Email.

SMS Marketing
Case Studies Jawns on Fire Chooses Yotpo for 106x ROI from SMS & Email

Jawns on Fire grows their community with more personalized messaging via SMS and Email.

SMS Marketing
Case Studies PSD Underwear Drives Retention With Yotpo Platform

See how PSD Underwear has built a comprehensive retention strategy with SMS marketing, loyalty, and reviews.

SMS Marketing
Case Studies PSD Underwear Quadruples Subscribers With Yotpo

PSD Underwear upgraded their SMS solution and successfully increased subscribers, revenue, CTR, ROI, and more.

SMS Marketing