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Case Studies Kiki Milk Doubles Subscriptions and Slashes Churn with Yotpo

Partnering with Yotpo Subscriptions enabled Kiki Milk to grow their subscriptions and reduce churn by 30%.

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Case Studies Patricks | Case Study

Find out how this men's grooming brand increased subscriptions AOV and massively reduced subscriber churn.

Case Studies Dr. Martens Collects 1.8 Million Reviews with Yotpo

Partnering with Yotpo Reviews allowed Dr. Martens to collect more reviews and boost buyer confidence.

Acquire Traffic
Case Studies Yotpo for Supplements

There’s a journey for every customer. Whichever path they take to reach a balanced lifestyle, we support it.

Retain Customers
ProBar Case Study
Case Studies PROBAR | Case Study

The partnership between PROBAR and Yotpo Subscriptions improves customer retention, boosting revenue streams.

Case Studies UMZU | Case Study

UMZU sees unprecedented success with Yotpo Subscriptions, firmly establishing it as a pivotal revenue channel.

Retail Brand Ripple Foods Sees Remarkable Success with Yotpo Subscriptions
Case Studies Ripple Foods | Case Study

Retail brand, Ripple Foods successfully launches subscriptions with Yotpo.

Case Studies Slumber Cloud Upgrades to Yotpo’s New Reviews Widget

Uncover how Slumber Cloud leveraged Yotpo's new Reviews widget to improve the on-site experience.

Increase Conversion Rate
Case Studies Simba Sleep Collects Over 200,000 Reviews with Yotpo

Mattress brand Simba Sleep partners with Yotpo to showcase social proof and stand out among their competitors.

Benchmarks & Data
Case Studies Hero Bread Builds a Customer-Obsessed SMS Strategy

Hero Bread and Wpromote teamed up to build a channel that boosts sales and retention with Yotpo SMS.

Retain Customers
Case Studies LSKD Increases Review Collection by 340% with Yotpo

See how activewear brand LSKD upgraded to Yotpo and optimized their post-purchase experience.

Retain Customers
Case Studies DIME Beauty Sees Retention Skyrocket With Yotpo

Using Yotpo's suite of solutions, DIME Beauty has seen retention metrics skyrocket.