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No resources_type Related Naturium Collects 600 Reviews in 6 Months

See how Naturium increased repeat customers by 70% by leveraging influential reviews in their social ad copy.

Retain Customers
No resources_type Related How United By Blue Drives 40% MoM SMS Subscriber Growth

Learn how United By Blue is seeing over 80x ROI by engaging their customers with personalized SMS flows.

Retain Customers
No resources_type Related Til You Collapse Drives 27x ROI With SMS Marketing

See how fitness brand Til You Collapse has increased MoM revenue by over 16% with SMS marketing.

Retain Customers
eBooks & Guides 7 Strategies for Cultivating Lasting Customer Relationships

Discover seven ways your brand can drive meaningful interactions with customers.

Retain Customers
eBooks & Guides How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Find out how to calculate CLTV and why it's one of the most important metrics for eCommerce businesses.

Retain Customers
eBooks & Guides 10 eCommerce Predictions for 2021, From the Experts

We asked, they answered. See the top eCommerce predictions for 2021, straight from the industry experts.

Retain Customers
Videos & Webinars Create Engagement Strategies That Increase LTV

Learn how to re-engage customers with SMS and email.

Retain Customers
Videos & Webinars eCommerce Retention Course

Learn the best customer retention strategies to improve your brand's retention rate and turn casual shoppers into loyal customers with high lifetime value.

Retain Customers
eBooks & Guides 8 Ways to Curate a Better Buyer Journey

Learn how to meet shoppers with relevant and influential content wherever they are.

Retain Customers
eBooks & Guides 6 Strategies for Turning One-Time Shoppers Into Repeat Customers

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt daily life, and consumer shopping behaviors shift online, product categories from food to fitness are seeing a surge in activity.

Retain Customers
eBooks & Guides 4 Top Strategies for Combating Customer Returns

Learn how your brand can prevent against returns with the right combination of detailed product information and social proof.

Retain Customers
Customer retention strategies
eBooks & Guides 10 Customer Retention Strategies That Work

We rounded up the best tips from eCommerce experts for increasing lifetime value.

Retain Customers
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