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Videos & Webinars BFCM Masterclass: Strategies to Drive Retention Throughout the Holidays

Learn top marketing strategies to drive sales and retention before, during, and after Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Retain Customers
Case Studies LSKD’s Subscriber Growth Soars 310% in 6 Months With Yotpo SMS

LSKD migrated to Yotpo SMS to drive more revenue and build customer relationships with tailored text messages.

Retain Customers
eBooks & Guides From the Experts: 10 Marketing Strategies For BFCM

We asked top experts from across the industry to share their Black Friday & Cyber Monday marketing strategies.

Retain Customers
eBooks & Guides Australian Shoppers Tell All: How (and Why) Brands Should Text Them

In our latest consumer survey, Australian shoppers revealed the secrets to engaging them with SMS marketing.

Retain Customers
Case Studies Parks Project Drives 73x ROI and More Support for Parklands With Yotpo SMS

Parks Project uses SMS marketing to scale their online community and increase sales. See the powerful results.

Retain Customers
Case Studies Moroccanoil Drives 5x ROI With Yotpo Loyalty

Dive into how Moroccanoil revamped their loyalty program with diverse rewards, experiential benefits, and more.

Retain Customers
eBooks & Guides UK Shoppers Tell All: How (and Why) Brands Should Text Them

In this comprehensive survey report, British shoppers reveal the secrets to engaging them with SMS marketing.

Retain Customers
eBooks & Guides Shoppers Tell All: How Brands Should Text to Drive SMS Success

In this comprehensive survey report, shoppers reveal what, when, and how brands should text them.

Retain Customers
eBooks & Guides How Enterprise Brands Are Preparing for BFCM 2021

The eCommerce opportunity for this Black Friday is immense — but how are retailers planning for the changes?

Retain Customers
Case Studies How Revolution Beauty Drove 8x ROI With Astound Commerce & Yotpo Loyalty

Learn how Revolution Beauty drives customer behaviors with loyalty and referrals.

Retain Customers
eBooks & Guides The Buyer's Guide to Enterprise Loyalty

The definitive guide to navigating the enterprise loyalty buying process.

Retain Customers
Case Studies How American Hat Makers Increased Revenue by 80% With SMS

See how Yotpo and CURIO optimized American Hat Makers’ SMS channel to drive 140x ROI on automated messages.

Retain Customers
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