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Things you might be asking yourself


What goes into making these projections?

First, we offer highly competitive SMS and MMS rates, lowering your average message cost. Second, we identify and suppress unengaged subscribers to prevent “budget waste”- we believe in intentional spending. Finally, we reinvest your preserved budget into high ROI strategies like click-to-buy and click-to-redeem campaigns, inventory flows, and more.


Which Yotpo SMS features help me cut budget waste?

There are many! Our robust segmentation engine allows you to drill down on purchasing intent with greater granularity, so you can see who is worth investing in. Our Multi-Message campaign builder has built-in budget optimization features. And, with our comprehensive analytics , you can stay close to what strategies are yielding ROI and what needs to be tweaked.


Where can I see more info and a pricing plan?

Take a look at our pricing page to learn more about how you can scale with confidence with our transparent, usage-based pricing.

Ensure you get the most out of every message

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Tips for reducing waste

TIP 01

Better refine who's truly engaged

Redefine “engaged subscribers” using data on behavior, loyalty & more. Exclude unengaged ones to boost ROI.

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TIP 02

Test, learn, repeat - find what clicks!

Monitor your results (or A/B test!) to learn what your audience responds to most and repeat only the most effective texts.

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TIP 03

Set caps to avoid overspending

Set budget limits in your campaign settings based on your strategy so you don’t accidentally outspend your campaign budget.

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TIP 04

Nail when and who with AI

Leverage AI to find the best time to send or the best segment to use to boost the effectiveness of every text.

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