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Case Studies Dr. Martens Collects 1.8 Million Reviews with Yotpo

Partnering with Yotpo Reviews allowed Dr. Martens to collect more reviews and boost buyer confidence.

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Black Friday Marketing Strategy
eBooks & Guides 8 Ways to Have Your Best Black Friday Ever

Learn winning Black Friday marketing strategies and get hot takes from top eCommerce experts.

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Case Studies How Bubble Doubled Their Review Collection Rate

Learn how Bubble switched from Okendo to Yotpo and began collecting twice as many reviews month over month.

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Videos & Webinars Leverage customer content on TikTok and beyond

Explore how TikTok videos and user-generated content (UGC) can be leveraged to drive engagement and sales.

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Case Studies Jawns on Fire Chooses Yotpo for 106x ROI from SMS & Email

Jawns on Fire grows their community with more personalized messaging via SMS and Email.

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eBooks & Guides 2023 UK Reviews Consumer Survey

See the results of our UK shopper survey to understand the influence of UGC and VUGC on the buyer’s journey.

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eBooks & Guides The Marketer's Guide to Mobile Commerce

mCommerce is the new eCommerce. This is what you need to know to build your winning mobile commerce strategy.

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eBooks & Guides A Complete Guide to Switching Reviews Providers

Here’s everything your growing brand needs to know about switching Reviews solutions.

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Case Studies PSD Underwear Drives Retention With Yotpo Platform

See how PSD Underwear has built a comprehensive retention strategy with SMS marketing, loyalty, and reviews.

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Case Studies PSD Underwear Quadruples Subscribers With Yotpo

PSD Underwear upgraded their SMS solution and successfully increased subscribers, revenue, CTR, ROI, and more.

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eBooks & Guides The 2022 Reviews Consumer Survey

Check out the results from our recent reviews consumer survey to understand how shoppers are engaging online.

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Videos & Webinars BFCM Masterclass

Our panel of experts discuss why BFCM can’t just be one-and-done — and what you can do before, during, and after BFCM to turn first-time-shoppers into lifetime loyalists

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