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Case Studies Dr. Martens Collects 1.8 Million Reviews with Yotpo

Partnering with Yotpo Reviews allowed Dr. Martens to collect more reviews and boost buyer confidence.

Benchmarks & Data
Case Studies Slumber Cloud Upgrades to Yotpo’s New Reviews Widget

Uncover how Slumber Cloud leveraged Yotpo's new Reviews widget to improve the on-site experience.

Benchmarks & Data
How to Ask Customers for Reviews
eBooks & Guides How to Ask Customers for Reviews: Best Practices & Templates

Use these best practices when asking for reviews and take advantage of our new review request email updates.

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Case Studies Simba Sleep Collects Over 200,000 Reviews with Yotpo

Mattress brand Simba Sleep partners with Yotpo to showcase social proof and stand out among their competitors.

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Black Friday Marketing Strategy
eBooks & Guides 8 Ways to Have Your Best Black Friday Ever

Learn winning Black Friday marketing strategies and get hot takes from top eCommerce experts.

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Case Studies LSKD Increases Review Collection by 340% with Yotpo

See how activewear brand LSKD upgraded to Yotpo and optimized their post-purchase experience.

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Videos & Webinars Building a Beauty Retention Strategy More Than Skin Deep

A webinar for beauty brands that are looking for actionable retention strategy recommendations.

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eBooks & Guides The Retention Marketing Manual for eCommerce Brands

All your questions (yes, all of them) about customer retention are answered in this comprehensive guide.

Benchmarks & Data
No resources_type Related The State of Customer Loyalty & Retention 2023

Yotpo’s new customer loyalty and retention survey to learn what keeps customers coming back, again and again.

Benchmarks & Data
eBooks & Guides 2023 UK Reviews Consumer Survey

See the results of our UK shopper survey to understand the influence of UGC and VUGC on the buyer’s journey.

Benchmarks & Data
eBooks & Guides A Complete Guide to Switching Reviews Providers

Here’s everything your growing brand needs to know about switching Reviews solutions.

Benchmarks & Data
eBooks & Guides The 2022 Reviews Consumer Survey

Check out the results from our recent reviews consumer survey to understand how shoppers are engaging online.

Benchmarks & Data