Lindsay MacDonald
Content Manager @ Yotpo
August 6th, 2020

How to Engage Your Customers Everywhere (No Matter Where They Shop)

With a successful omnichannel strategy, your brand can drive more sales at every touchpoint.

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Today’s consumers are omnichannel, and their buyer journeys aren’t linear. Your customers crave personalized, compelling, and frictionless shopping experiences at every touchpoint, up and down the funnel.

For brands, that means it’s essential to drive conversion by connecting with your customers where they are: everywhere.  

We’re sharing top strategies to enable your brand to connect with shoppers and drive sales directly from where they prefer to shop. 

Optimize search results for Google Shopping 

Boosting conversion starts with standing out in search results.

With the recent introduction of commission-free Buy on Google listings, your customers can discover and buy your products from directly within the Google Shopping platform.

To stand out, it’s essential to display product and site reviews, star ratings, and customer photos on Google Shopping. This social proof builds brand credibility and boosts conversion directly from results, without the need to click through to a site. 

Partner with a Trusted Google Reviews Partner, like Yotpo, to seamlessly display this user-generated content on Google Shopping results — giving shoppers the confidence they need to convert at this key touchpoint.

Bring your brand experience to third-party retailers

Many consumers choose to browse multiple sites, including third-party retailers, before making a purchase, often looking to compare pricing and delivery options.

Leverage an eCommerce marketing platform that enables reviews syndication so you can drive sales by displaying influential reviews on leading retail sites. Yotpo partners with the PowerReviews Open Network, Bazaarvoice, and Walmart to allow seamless syndication between the top retailers that consumers trust.

Create integrated in-store experiences

While COVID-19 has shifted the ways we currently shop, many consumers look forward to shopping in brick-and-mortar stores again. Drive upsells and cross-sells — and extend overall customer lifetime value — by leveraging an in-store point of sale (POS) integration that collects shoppers’ email addresses and phone numbers after making a purchase.

Use the purchasing data you collect to send tailored messages and follow-up text messages to your shoppers to re-engage them.

Bridge the online-offline gap for loyalty members

Your loyal customers are your most valuable. Make them feel special wherever they shop, both online and offline, with rewards and perks they can earn through in-store purchases, real-time social engagements, referrals, and more.

Enable loyalty members to gain rewards and level up their VIP status when they shop in-store or with third-party retailers with features like receipt scanning. Shoppers can scan their receipts post-purchase to earn your brand’s rewards and rack up points — and your brand can collect emails to send follow up messages encouraging repeat purchases.

Amplify high-converting content on social

Social media is a top commerce channel, especially for younger generations. In fact, Gen Z does 2-3x more shopping on social channels than the average consumer, primarily on Instagram and Snapchat.

Maximize engagement on every social post with user-generated content. Feature customers’ reviews, photos, and videos in your social ads; shoppers who read reviews or browse customer photos with Yotpo are 98% more likely to convert than those who don’t

With high-converting content across social, your brand can drive sales directly from each channel — without even needing the extra step of sending buyers to your website.

Solve for attribution, then segment accordingly

With shoppers making purchases on these channels outside of your site, it can be tricky to ensure you’re properly attributing sales to your efforts. Was it the targeted social ad they saw, the top results in their Google search, or their in-store loyalty perks that finally pushed them across the finish line to purchase?

Ensure you’re leveraging an integrated eCommerce marketing platform that enables you to dive deep into all of the data across every channel, so you can attribute a shoppers’ first touch and last touch prior to purchase — and keep your data from getting stuck in siloes.

With a better understanding of your top-converting touchpoints, your brand can market to your shoppers more intelligently. Use the data you collect to build proper segments, then send the top-performing marketing messages to the right shoppers at the moments they’re most likely to engage.

Cater to channel-agnostic shoppers

The most successful eCommerce brands are the ones that build a multi-channel marketing strategy that aligns with, or better yet, exceeds consumer expectations. For today’s “everywhere shoppers,” that means providing better shopping experiences on every channel.

With Yotpo’s integrated eCommerce marketing platform, brands can build higher-converting experiences that delight customers, wherever they may be shopping.

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