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Last updated on December 5, 2022

Olivia McNaughten
Product Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
July 21st, 2020 | 3 minutes read

With 2-in-1 Review Requests, brands can collect product and site reviews in one easy email flow.

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Standing out on search is hard.

With more eCommerce businesses vying for the attention of consumers every day, building a presence on Google is essential to increasing conversion at early touchpoints. 

By featuring customer content, like seller ratings, on search, brands can build shoppers’ trust immediately; in fact, adding seller ratings to ad campaigns increases CTR by 10%.

In order to be eligible to display seller ratings in Google Ads and on Google Shopping, brands must have at least 100 verified site reviews over the past 12 months per country with an aggregated rating of at least 3.5 stars. That means your brand needs a lot of high-quality reviews — fast — to meet that quota.

So, how can you generate more site reviews in less time without jeopardizing product reviews? With Yotpo’s 2-in-1 Review Requests, it’s easy to collect both product and site reviews in one seamless email flow, maximizing return and driving growth.

Google has released new Google Seller Rating (GSR) requirements, taking effect in October, in an effort to ensure authenticity and improve the review experience for both businesses and shoppers. These new regulations limit the methods of collection that will be eligible for GSR, making it even more important to generate site reviews via the right methods. 

Yotpo’s 2-in-1 Review Requests enable your brand to quickly generate enough reviews and ratings to meet the quota and get to the top of relevant search results

Collect more content with every purchase

When a customer submits a product review on the landing page, 2-in-1 Review Requests automatically prompt the shopper to also fill in a site review about their experience on your brand’s site.

Fully customizable and flexible, 2-in-1 Review Requests ensure your brand can collect more Google site reviews without compromising on product review collection

For the same amount of orders, your brand can pull in two types of reviews — empowering your brand to meet the quota for Google Seller Ratings, no matter the size of your average order volume.

With site reviews, your brand can better understand how your customers feel about not only your products, but the shopping experience you provide, your customer service levels, and more. As shopping continues to shift to online, better customer experiences lead to better site reviews, increasing return customers and driving more new traffic back to your site.

How to get started

With 2-in-1 Review Requests, your brand can optimize your content collection strategy to generate more site reviews and, in addition, leverage this feature in conjunction with our AI-powered Smart Prompts to collect higher-quality review content. Use both features together to not only collect more reviews, but better reviews with each request.

To get started collecting more content and reach your Google Seller Rating quota today, you simply need to toggle on 2-in-1 Review Requests. For more details, read our support article.