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Generate New Subscribers With SMS

Collect more subscribers with a personalized text message.

Increase Subscriptions Frequency With Tiered Discounts

Offer customers larger discounts for higher-frequency subscriptions.

Modify Subscriptions Plans to Fit Your Needs

Customize subscription offers and products to suit your business needs.

Send Subscription Updates Via Email

Keep customers up-to-date with emails.

Decrease Support Tickets With a Dedicated Customer Portal

Give customers full control of their subscriptions through a dedicated portal.

Increase AOV With Streamlined Recurring & One-time Payments

Allow customers to make one-time purchases and subscribe in one streamlined checkout.

Motivate One-off shoppers to Become Subscribers

Leverage SMS to offer customers discounts and other benefits for subscribing.

Reward Customers When They Subscribe

Motivate customers to subscribe with loyalty points.

Reward Customers When They Hit Subscriptions Milestones

Offer loyalty points as a reward for ongoing  subscriptions.

Showcase Subscriptions With a Dedicated Landing Page

Create a dedicated landing page for subscriptions.

Prevent Excess Inventory by Offering Subscriptions

Manage inventory spikes and lows with flexible subscription offers.

Incentivize Loyal Customers With Discounts and Points

Make subscriptions offers more exciting for loyalty members.

Create A Subscriptions Club or Program With a Landing Page

Make subscribers feel extra special with a special club for.

Create A Mystery Subscriptions Box for Loyal Customers

Give subscribers a special perk.

Promote Add-ons to Subscribers

Make it easy for customers to add products to their subscriptions.

Prevent Cancellations With Product Swaps

Allow customers to easily swap products in their subscription.

Use Visual UGC in BFCM Marketing

Leverage UGC from happy customers to acquire new ones during the holiday shopping season.

Use Product Reviews in BFCM Marketing

Use UGC from satisfied customers to acquire new ones during the holiday shopping season.

Motivate Loyalty Members to Use Points for BFCM Purchases

Notify loyal customers about their available rewards and points leading up to the holiday.

Incentivize Holiday Referrals

Leverage your existing customers to drive BFCM sales.

Offer Loyalty Members Early Access to BCFM Sales

Incentivize loyal customers to take advantage of holiday offers first.

Create a Loyalty Program to Retain BFCM Customers

Turn first-time customers into brand advocates with timely loyalty campaigns.

Recover Abandoned BFCM Carts With SMS

Recover lost carts during BFCM with automated and personalized cart abandonment flows.

Increase BFCM Sales With SMS

Use SMS to send automated flows and messages about limited-time offers.

Leverage BFCM Email Campaigns to Generate SMS Subscribers

Convert email subscribers into SMS subscribers for timely promotion of BFCM sales.

Use BFCM Promotions on Social Media to Grow SMS Subscribers

Collect SMS subscribers on social channels before BFCM for timely promotion of sales.

Use Segmentation to Personalize BFCM-Related SMS Messages

Deliver the right messages at the right time during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Incentivize Customers to Upload In-Store Purchase Receipts

Reward customers with redeemable loyalty points when they upload receipts from brick-and-mortar locations or retail partners.

Reward Customers With Double Loyalty Points

Engage and excite your loyal customers by creating double points events.

Schedule Advanced Loyalty Campaigns

Boost loyalty engagement with advanced campaign scheduling.

Promote New Product Releases With Double Loyalty Points

Boost awareness for new product releases by running a double loyalty points campaign.

Create Campaigns to Combat Excess Inventory

Use double loyalty points campaigns to deal with excess inventory.

Create Exclusive Loyalty VIP Tiers

Make shoppers feel like VIPs with exclusive tiered loyalty programs.

Drive Smarter Referrals Across Channels

Offer customers a variety of easily accessible referral sharing options. including Facebook Messenger.

Add Custom Questions

Add product and/or customer-related questions when asking for product reviews.

Create A Dedicated SEO Page

Host all product and site reviews on a dedicated SEO page to drive more organic traffic.

Add Product Reviews to Emails

Send customers product recommendations with customer reviews.

Add Star Ratings to Recommended Products

Showcase star ratings alongside reviews for recommended products.

Win Customers Back With SMS

Re-engage lapsed customers by sending a series of automated messages at the right time.

Collect Reviews via SMS

Generate more product and site reviews with SMS.

Collect Customer Photos and Videos With SMS

Collect powerful social proof from customers via SMS.

Reward Points for Subscribing to SMS Updates

Incentivize customers to subscribe to SMS with loyalty points.

Give Personalized Product Recommendations With SMS

Engage customers by using SMS to send product recommendations that are tailored to their interests.

Reward Customers on Their Birthday via SMS

Celebrate loyal customers and offer them a special perk on their birthday via SMS.

Convert Sales With SMS Welcome Series

Engage customers instantly with a personalized welcome flow.

Recover Browse Abandoned Sessions With SMS

Remind shoppers about their abandoned browse sessions.

Recover Abandoned Carts With SMS & Photo Reviews

Re-engage customers with reviews and customer photos of the products they were interested in.

Update Loyalty Status with SMS

Keep customers updated about their loyalty status via SMS.

Welcome Customers to a Loyalty VIP Tier

Congratulate customers when they reach a loyalty VIP tier via SMS.

Motivate Customers to Convert Points to Purchases via SMS

Notify customers via SMS once they’ve accumulated enough points to make a purchase.

Send Subscription Updates With SMS

Update customers about their subscriptions via SMS.

Create Personal Conversations With Customers via SMS

Engage customers with 1:1 conversation flows.

Collect SMS Subscribers on Social Media

Generate more subscribers through social media channels.

Display Reviews and Photos in Google Shopping Ads

Improve Google Shopping Ads and by displaying ratings, reviews, and customer photos.

Acquire Organic Traffic From Google

Improve organic rankings with Google Rich Snippets.

Display Star Ratings Alongside Google Ads

Use Google Seller Ratings (GSR) to showcase star ratings next to text-based Google Ads.

Qualify Faster for Google Seller Ratings

Capture both product and site reviews with one email to meet the GSR benchmark faster.

Collect and Display Q&A

Feature customer Q&A to decrease customer hesitation.

Display Top Site Reviews on the Checkout Page

Present shoppers with the top site reviews as the final social proof they see.

Showcase Review Content in Photo Galleries

Feature photos and videos from reviews in on-site galleries.

Collect Higher-quality Reviews

Encourage customers to write detailed reviews by suggesting relevant, AI-powered review topics.

Filter Reviews by Topic

Allow customers to filter product reviews based on their individual interests.

Syndicate Reviews Across Multiple Domains

Collect and display reviews from multiple domains on one product page.

Ask Top Reviewers to Refer a Friend

Turn satisfied customers into brand advocates.

Incentivize Customers for Repeat Referrals

Create VIP tiers based on the number of successful referrals and reward customers with points they can redeem for rewards.

Offer Loyalty Points for Reviews

Reward customers with redeemable points after leaving a review.

Reward Customer When They Reach a Spending Goal

Motivate customers to add extra products to their cart and reach a spend threshold to accumulate even more points.

Collect Visitors Emails

Build up your email subscribers list with engaging on-site pop-ups.

Grow a Social Community

Reward customers for social follows.

Promote Cross-Category Purchases

Reward customers for shopping from different store categories.

Promote Repeat Subscriptions

Increase customer lifetime value by incentivizing repeat subscriptions.

Recover Abandoned Carts With SMS

Recover carts by sending automated and personalized text messages, reminding customers about their abandoned products.

Offer Experience-Based Rewards to VIP Customers

Reward customers with perks that have higher emotional value.

Reward Customers on Their Birthday

Surprise loyal customers with rewards for their birthday.

Send a Points Balance Reminder

Alert customers when they’re about to get a reward.

Incentivize Customers to Make a Donation

Reward customers for making a donation or by donating on their behalf.

Collect SMS Subscribers at Checkout

Convert shoppers into SMS subscribers right from the checkout page.

Generate New SMS Subscribers Via On-site Pop-ups

Collect SMS subscribers with engaging on-brand site pop-ups.

Generate New SMS Subscribers From Email Lists

Encourage existing email subscribers to sign up and communicate via SMS.

Reward Customers for Video Reviews

Turn customers into your best content creators by incentivizing them to share video reviews.

Offer Products as Rewards

Allow customers to redeem loyalty points for products.

Reward Customers for Repeat Purchases

Use Yotpo’s Punch Card Campaign to incentivize repeat purchases.

Syndicate Product Reviews to

Display customer reviews and ratings on

Add an Instagram Gallery to Your Website

Curate and display your Instagram feed on your website to showcase real people using your products in real life.

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