Offer Products as Rewards

Allow customers to redeem loyalty points for products.

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Implementation effort
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  • Increase customer engagement
  • Retain customers
  • Strengthen customer relationship
Which Brand Should Use it?

Brands wanting to increase product discovery by leveraging loyal and satisfied customers.

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Increase CTLV With Exciting Rewards

Price and convenience will always be a factor for customers, but the customers who really love your products are looking for something more.

By offering loyal customers actual products as rewards, brands can not only expose customers to brand new products but they will also see an increase in engagement rates, conversion rates, and even in AOV.

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CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE of customers want loyalty rewards to be more interesting.
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Make an Impact with Yotpo

How to get started?

Getting started with Yotpo is easy. Follow the steps below to get started or request a demo for more information.