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Loyalty & Email

Loyalty and email give your best shoppers the right message at the right time.

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Tech integrations with loyalty programs

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Integrating your email service provider (ESP) with your loyalty program allows you to create a more effective, data-backed email marketing strategy. Send targeted emails based on customers’ program engagement and spending habits — all in real-time and in one place.

Why connect the two?

After launch, brands often establish an ESP, like Klaviyo, as their first marketing tool. Once you launch your ESP with an established subscriber list, you can start retaining and engaging your loyalty members.

Connecting your loyalty and ESP offers so many more opportunities to personalize and segment your campaigns in a way that drives consumer behavior. Brands with an active Yotpo Loyalty-Klaviyo integration see 73% more owned revenue and 21% more owned revenue per customer compared to brands without the integration.

By using loyalty and email together, brands ensure that their best customers receiving messaging that personally resonates.

Loyalty and email synergies can:

  • Boost repeat purchases with triggered email flows
  • Increase customer acquisition through email referrals
  • Create smarter segments informed by loyalty data

How to use loyalty & email together

Together, loyalty and email create high-value opportunities to drive revenue, while also communicating with loyalty members in engaging, personalized ways.

Here’s how to use these tools together:

Build smarter audience segments

Using the data you’ve collected via loyalty member profiles, you can achieve smarter email segmentation and hyper-relevant campaigns. Loyalty data can increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns significantly. For example, on average, marketers who use Klaviyo and Yotpo Loyalty’s integration see 73% higher email revenue and a 14% increase in repeat purchase rate.

If you’re launching a new product line, segment email campaigns based on your members’ current point status to encourage product adoption.

Boost email campaign effectiveness with personalization

Loyalty programs give you deep insights into consumers’ purchasing behaviors and product preferences, which allows you to send the right message at the right time.

Set up email trigger flows for loyalty members’ behaviors or specific events, like birthday perks, welcome messaging, point redemption opportunities, or VIP status updates. When a customer nears their next VIP tier, send them an email with their current status and a reminder of all the perks they could enjoy when they “level up.”


Or, send an “abandoned cart” email to a customer that includes their current loyalty point balance, encouraging the shopper to convert using their loyalty rewards.

Promote your loyalty program

After new customers sign up for your email list, introduce them to your loyalty program. A new email subscriber has already taken the first step and intentionally engaged with your brand; offer them additional touchpoints by promoting program sign-ups.

But, make sure to establish ongoing email promotions for your loyalty program. Think static banners in weekly emails, targeted emails to high-spend non-members, and more.

Create a seamless referral process for your best customers

Your loyalty members are your brand’s best advocates. Let shoppers share their brand love with friends and family through a frictionless referral experience.

Integrations in action: Girlfriend Collective & Klaviyo

Girlfriend Collective, a sustainable activewear brand, uses Yotpo Loyalty and Klaviyo to target specific customers during product launches. After releasing their new product, Pocket Bike Shorts, the brand sent targeted campaigns to segments based on customers’ point balances and membership status.

Copy A is for customers with little to no points, Copy B is for members with points and an account, and Copy C is for those with points but without an account. Copy B and C both dynamically pull in available points balance, encouraging members to redeem rewards on this new product release.

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