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Loyalty & Point-of-Sale

Loyalty and POS integrations make online and offline shopping seamless.

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Tech integrations with loyalty programs

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When customers have connected loyalty experiences regardless of their preferred shopping channel, they’re more likely to redeem their rewards and perks. Loyalty and point-of-sale (POS) integrations ensure that whether customers are shopping in-store or online, their loyalty experiences follows.

Why connect the two?

Having a seamless redemption experience is key to making sure customers actually use their rewards and level up their VIP tier. Why? Because shoppers can use their points, rewards, and perks wherever is most convenient.

According to Bond, 66% of consumers modify their brand spend to maximize loyalty benefits. And, over a quarter of shoppers (25.2%) say that their biggest frustration with loyalty programs is the retail disconnect. Loyalty and POS integrations ensure that customers can use their rewards and perks offline and online, removing any barriers between reward redemptions and purchases.

How to use loyalty & POS together

Yotpo Loyalty and Shopify’s powerful integration makes it easy for customers to have a seamless, omnichannel loyalty experience.

Here’s how to use the tools together:

Deliver seamless, connected experiences with omnichannel loyalty

Loyalty and POS integrations allow loyalty members to access their points, rewards, and VIP status regardless of their preferred shopping channel. Rather than choosing between online and in-store shopping to maximize their rewards, shoppers’ loyalty status goes where they do. Points and rewards can be earned and redeemed with every purchase; no extra steps are needed.

Make loyalty members feel comfortable and valued wherever they shop

After this past year, retail is having a renaissance, and shoppers are excited to make in-store purchases. It’s important that customers’ loyalty experience feels unified, regardless of their preferred channel.

When a sales associate goes to check out a customer in-store, they have the ability to enroll members, access current member points balance, and encourage customers to take advantage of loyalty offers. And, customers can also earn and redeem loyalty rewards themselves by scanning QR codes when they enter the store. Whether shoppers’ in-store loyalty experience is associate-led or customer-led, loyalty and POS integrations ensure that they feel comfortable, valued, and recognized.

Integrations in action: Chubbies & Shopify

After opening 11 physical stores and experiencing exponential D2C growth, Chubbies knew they needed to ensure that customers felt connected to their brand both offline and online.

After launching a loyalty program, the brand leveraged Yotpo and Shopify’s POS integration to ensure that customer’s online loyalty experience carried over to their new brick-and-mortar stores. The result? “Our customers feel like they’re getting a full lifecycle experience,” says Tom Montgomery, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Chubbies.

And, the brand strategically rewarded customers for their first in-store purchases, encouraging members to connect use their loyalty program no matter their preferred shopping channel.

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