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Loyalty Programs for Beauty Brands

Loyalty programs for beauty brands promote new product adoption and increase average order value (AOV).

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Beauty products are consumables; consumers run out, and they’ll need to make repeat purchases. But, beauty brands struggle with AOV, as consumers often make the same purchases and nothing more. A good loyalty program can boost AOV and incentivize cross-category product adoption.

Best loyalty solutions for beauty brands

To increase AOV and grow purchase frequency, build a loyalty program that focuses on increasing engagement and new product adoption with some or all of these features:

Goal spend

Offering rewards like free shipping or free products with a minimum purchase will incentivize members to buy bigger sizes of their preferred products or new products altogether. To maximize product adoption, make sure that you have strong cross-sells that include personalized recommendations.

Free products

Offering product samples with orders is an excellent way to expand members’ category adoption. Give shoppers a selection of products to choose from, so you’ll have a clear idea of which products they’re most interested in outside their regular purchases.

Exclusive sales and access to new products

To boost purchase frequency, keep loyalty members engaged with exclusive discounts and early access to new products.

Loyalty campaigns

Social proof is compelling for beauty brands, so offer members incentives for writing reviews and uploading photos. You can also create cross-category punch cards and category-specific point multipliers to encourage members to expand their product repertoire.


Offer global free shipping to incentivize program sign-ups. Birthday-specific gifts and offers also encourage customers to spend outside their usual buying cycle.

These strategies are the most effective for beauty brands overall, but it’s best to take your own customers into account. Consider surveying loyal customers and using their feedback to build and optimize your loyalty program. Remember, a successful loyalty program centers members at every touchpoint.

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