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Loyalty & Customer Help Desk

Integrating loyalty and customer help desk solutions ensures that your members are recognized at every touchpoint.

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Tech integrations with loyalty programs

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Delivering exceptional customer experiences that earn long-term loyalty requires that your front-line employees, like customer service agents, are equipped with the right tools. By integrating your loyalty program with your customer help desk solution, you can ensure that you’re maximizing retention efforts and building long-term consumer loyalty through 1:1 connections.

Why connect the two?

Loyalty is the deep connection achieved when every interaction a consumer has with a brand makes them feel recognized and valued. According to Salesforce, over 70% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations.

Delivering connected customer experiences starts with sharing data across solutions and creating a unified view of your shoppers. Customer service agents need to be able to recognize loyalty members and deliver elevated experiences throughout their purchase cycle.

By connecting loyalty and customer help desk solutions, you can:

  • Act on customer data quickly
  • Treat shoppers as a person rather than a segment
  • Maintain an on-brand, hyper-personalized experience throughout customers’ shopping experience

How to use loyalty & customer help desk together

Loyalty members are your best customers, so when they interact with your customer service agents, make sure they’re treated accordingly.

Here’s how to use the tools together:

Capitalize on every interaction to build loyalty

Customer service agents using Gorgias have full access to loyalty members’ customer profiles. During these 1:1 interactions, agents can look up a customer’s loyalty status, point balance, recent program engagement, product preferences, and more to provide hyper-personalized support. This allows your agents to capitalize on every interaction to build brand loyalty.

Win back customers

Yotpo’s integration with Gorgias allows agents to identify high-value loyalty members and VIPs. If a VIP member has left a negative review, a customer service agent can ensure their concerns are immediately addressed  — and in the case of a negative experience, an agent can easily add loyalty points directly to the customers’ loyalty account.

Integrations in action: Gorgias

Brands can use Yotpo and Gorgias’ integration to recognize loyalty members during every interaction they have with your brand — and treat them accordingly.

When a customer service agent connects a customer, they’ll immediately see the shopper’s points earned, points redeemed, referrals made, and if they’re a referred shopper themselves. From here, the agent can tailor their responses to best suit the customer’s needs and previous experiences with the brand. Agents can also leverage customer data for pre-purchase support as well for an upsell or cross-sell additional products.

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