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Loyalty Programs for Fashion Brands

Loyalty programs for fashion brands keep customers engaged and your brand top of mind, despite seasonal consumer buying cycles.

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Fashion brands face a unique challenge when it comes to the consumer lifecycle. Shoppers tend to purchase clothes seasonally, with the average time between purchases being three or more months. A loyalty program keeps consumers engaged outside of those typical purchase windows.

Best loyalty solutions for fashion brands

To increase purchase frequency and AOV, build a loyalty program that focuses on some or all of these features:

Goal spend

Offer rewards when members spend a certain amount, like free shipping or a free gift.

Punch cards

Members earn rewards by making a certain number of purchases or buying a certain number of items. Keep customers engaged with personalized emails and texts to alert them of potential rewards if they spend more.

Category adoption

Incentivize members to try new product categories with discounts and special offers.

Engagement campaigns

Keep members engaged through SMS, email, and social channels with new product promotions, content, and members-only offers.

Better segmentation

Use first-party data to hone in on what loyalty members want so you can recommend tailored offers and products.

Progressive rewards

Utilize a VIP tier system and offer robust rewards for those who level up, either in the form of points, perks, or freebies.

Loyalty campaigns

Get creative! Offer clothing recycling, style guides, and other benefits that aren’t based on making a purchase.


Offer members exclusive access to sales and new products, free shipping, an expanded return policy, or stylist sessions.

These strategies are the most effective for fashion brands overall, but it’s best to take your own customers into account. Consider surveying loyal customers and using their feedback to build and optimize your loyalty program. Remember, a successful loyalty program centers members at every touchpoint.

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