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Homegrown brand sees 33% increase in orders and 40% in savings with Yotpo Email

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Proudly Australian, nat'v Basics strives to deliver luxurious, comfortable, and affordable basics that also put the planet first. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in everything from their thoughtful design process to emphasis on minimal packaging made from compostable materials. The team keeps a close eye on their supply chain to ensure they are building a better brand from the bottom up.


Main Takeaways
Between Klaviyo, Smile, and Reviews.io, the nat'V Basics team felt they were juggling far too many disconnected apps.
The brand experience felt inconsistent between the three and the disjointed experience was negatively impacting engagement.
Without a unified view of customer data, retention was becoming a bigger challenge for the brand than it needed to be.

As a growing brand, one of the biggest issues confronting nat'v Basics was their tech stack, which Founder and Director Sandy Ronalds describes as a mishmash of disconnected apps. Between Klaviyo for email, Smile for loyalty, and reviews.io to collect product reviews, the team felt like they were losing a lot of time jumping in and out of these platforms.

The fact that these solutions didn’t talk to each other was starting to cause a few headaches. For one, the brand experience didn’t feel the same across the three, varying slightly. This resulted in a fragmented customer journey, negatively impacting engagement.

More importantly, not being able to see all customer data points in one place hindered the brand's ability to understand shoppers' preferences and behaviours, limiting their ability to personalise communications and build that deep, emotional connection with customers.


Main Takeaways
There was urgency around needing to improve the brand experience for customers.
The brand was also eager to find a solution that would allow them to better engage shoppers and educate them about their sustainably made products.
The brand found that consolidating their tech stack would not only help resolve their challenges, it would also save them a pretty penny.

Their small team was working hard but knew they could be working smarter. Reducing the number of platforms they had to jump in and out of on a daily basis was a priority. This would also have the added benefit of being able to move pieces of customer data out of their silos and get a unified view of every customer’s journey. The brand also urgently needed a way to rein in what they were shelling out for email with Klaviyo.

Like any small business, keeping the cash flowing smoothly was no easy feat for nat'v Basics. Sandy says, “The costs associated with switching technology providers are not insignificant. It would've been easy to keep kicking the can down the road. But when we realised the value in consolidation, we knew we needed to act now.”

The decision to consider Yotpo was influenced by its widespread adoption among major eCommerce players in Australia and across the ditch in New Zealand. “The buzz surrounding Yotpo, especially on LinkedIn, was fantastic to see!” says Sandy.

Brand vibe image nat v

Yotpo’s Loyalty offering stood out for the brand at first, surpassing anything that competitors were able to offer. Secondly, being able to see data from Yotpo Email, Reviews, and Loyalty in one place would allow the team to be much more strategic when it came to engaging customers and educating them about their commitment to sustainability.

However, as the brand soon found out, there was more to be gained by switching over to Yotpo than they first thought.

Sandy Ronalds

”When I was able to see that Yotpo was an investment in our future rather than just another expense, the decision practically made itself.”

Nat'V logo Sandy Ronalds, Founder and Director


Main Takeaways
Much better email deliverability with Yotpo has fuelled a surge in loyalty participation numbers because more messages are now reaching their intended recipients.
Personalised email are resonating with customers with the brand reporting a 52% decrease in unsubscribe rates since migrating emails from Klaviyo to Yotpo with some email campaigns bringing as much as 128x ROI.
Replacing three solutions with the Yotpo suite is allowing the brand to save significant amounts of time on reporting.
There is also greater confidence business-wide in the data they are working with and from knowing that their customer experience has improved vastly.

Consolidating their tech stack has been nothing short of revolutionary for nat'v Basics with nearly every team across the business feeling the benefits of switching to Yotpo.

Access to real-time data on every aspect of the business within Yotpo dashboards has enabled the management team to be more precise with decision making aligned with their respective KPIs and goals. They are now also more confident in the decisions they take.

Meanwhile, the marketing and advertising teams at nat'v Basics “are absolutely buzzing with excitement over Yotpo” according to Sandy. Instant access to metrics and customer journey insights has simplified their workflows – significantly improving how they communicate with and engage customers. The brand has seen a 52% decrease in email unsubscribe rates since migrating from Klaviyo to Yotpo with some of their email campaigns bringing in as much as 128x ROI.

But it’s the improvement in email deliverability that’s been the real game-changer for this fast-growing brand. “With more messages reaching intended recipients than ever before, Yotpo Email has fuelled a surge in our loyalty participation numbers. We’re working with more engaged customers than we were in the past.” says Sandy. All this, Sandy says, has helped lift online orders by a massive 33% YoY.

More importantly, making the move from Klaviyo to Yotpo Email will help nat'V Basics save 40% on email costs annually, which is significant in the current climate where businesses are feeling the pinch of soaring costs.

Synergies between Yotpo Email, Reviews, and Loyalty mean that nat'v Basics are now able to offer customers that polished, consistent and cohesive customer experience they had always envisioned. The brand reports a noticeable uptick in customer sentiment as a result.

Nat'v product mock up

Another key benefit of consolidating tech is all the hours saved on reporting. Operating with limited resources like most growing businesses, nat'v Basics derives a lot of value from the painfree reporting offered by Yotpo.

On transitioning to Yotpo, Sandy says the process was smooth and timely with the exception of minor bumps along the way. She credits Yotpo’s implementation team for being heads and shoulders above other providers and says that their support ensured a successful onboarding.

If the brand had not made the switch to Yotpo, Sandy says her team would have continued juggling multiple disconnected apps, leading to inefficiencies, high costs, and a poor and fragmented customer experience. “This chaos would have negatively impacted both customer satisfaction and team morale and we’re glad to have made the switch when we did!”

Sandy Ronalds nat'v founder headshot

”In the current economic landscape, discovering the perfect tech solution that bolsters our strategy and goals has been critical. Without it, our ability to engage customers and flourish would undoubtedly suffer. Yotpo has been a game changer, revolutionising our operations, enhancing the customer journey, and fuelling our online sales.”

nat v logo Sandy Ronalds, Founder and Director

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