3 Effective Strategies for Converting Mobile Shoppers | Yotpo

Last updated on July 25, 2023

Aliza Polkes
Copywriter & Editor @ Yotpo
December 1st, 2019 | 3 minutes read

These days, over 50% of your eCommerce traffic comes from mobile.

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The conversion rate for these mobile visitors, however, is just 1.6% — less than half the rate of desktop and laptop users. For your brand, this presents both a serious challenge and a major opportunity.

Mobile shoppers are often doing more than one thing as they browse on their phones: an average mobile site visit in 2018 was 50% shorter than a desktop visit. This means it’s imperative that you quickly capture your mobile visitors’ attention with relevant, influential content as they’re shopping online.

Here are three highly effective strategies for turning mobile shoppers into customers.

1. Understand mobile users’ behavior

Not only do mobile visitors have shortened attention spans, but according to our stats, only 5% of customers ever click past the first page of reviews. This means you can’t expect your customers to manually search for the reviews that are most relevant to their purchase decision. You have to showcase personalized content that is immediately available as soon as shoppers begin searching your site.

Revelry, a direct-to-consumer bridesmaid dress brand, was looking to do exactly that. Because 71% of their web traffic comes from mobile, Revelry wanted a tool that was specifically optimized for phones and tablets. They decided to implement Yotpo Smart Filters.

With Smart Filters, customers can quickly sort through reviews using topic filters — like size, quality, age, body type, etc — or they can filter by customer attributes collected from Mail After Purchase Forms to see reviews from past buyers.

By focusing shoppers’ attention on relevant and informative content right away, Revelry was able to quickly build trust in both their products and their brand, making the most of their mobile visitors’ limited time on site.

2. Showcase your most influential reviews

Making customer reviews instantly accessible to mobile shoppers is an important first step — but not all reviews are created equal. How can you ensure your visitors are seeing the reviews most likely to inspire purchases?

Using AI technology, Smart Filters automatically identify the most frequently mentioned and high-converting topics per product, then display them as filters above your Reviews Widget. The topics presented are continually optimized — based on customer engagement — to drive conversion.

With multiple product lines across skincare, cosmetics, and more Beauty brand Green People knew how personal the experience of shopping for health and beauty products could be. By adding Smart Filters to their product pages, Green People enabled customers to filter reviews based on factors like age or skin type. Shoppers were then able to find reviews specific to their needs, that helped inform and encourage purchases.

3. Keep the cycle going

In order to keep displaying dynamic and personalized social proof on mobile, you need to generate reviews that are as powerful, detailed, and helpful as possible. This means asking your customers the right questions when you request reviews.

Green People achieved this through Custom Review Forms. Here, they were able to request specific, highly useful information from customers, like age, duration of time using the product, and skin type. They even customized their questions by product category.

“People with dry hair are now able to confidently buy the shampoo aimed at their needs, and that’s all because of informative reviews … which we are able to collect and then intelligently display on our product pages,” raves Charlotte Vohtz, Founder of Green People.