Melanie Koss
Customer Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
May 1st, 2018

Generate Content That Matters With Custom Review Forms

Custom Review Forms help ensure every review includes the information your customers need to purchase confidently.

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Publishing reviews from past buyers on your site is all about empowering your new customers to make informed choices when it comes to your products.

But how can you be sure to give them the information they’re looking for?

With our updated Custom Review Forms feature, you can ask your customers specific questions about the products they’e bought, making your reviews more powerful, detailed, and helpful to future buyers.

What is a Custom Review Form?

Custom Review Forms are user- or product-specific questions that you can add to your review request emails. The questions can focus on customer segments such as age group, or product characteristics such as quality. Customer feedback is then displayed in a simple on-site display that can be customized to suit the look and feel of your brand.

Why is it useful?

Review Collection

Customer reviews are vital, but the feedback can sometimes be limited to whether or not they liked the product. CRFs help maximize the content you collect in each review by directing past buyers to give feedback about product attributes that matter most.  For example, if you launch a new product line and want to know how the fit is or get feedback about product usability, Custom Review Forms allow you to ask for that specific insight.

On-Site Display

You can also standardize the data that reviewers submit on your reviews widget to display information in an easy, digestible way. This is particularly beneficial for mobile shoppers who don’t scroll through. It gives shoppers key product information at-a-glance to help them feel more confident about their purchase and follow through to checkout.

How does it work?

Custom Review Forms can be presented as a selection of multiple-choice questions or using free text, so past buyers have a simple way to fill in information.

Your Custom Review Forms can include two types of questions:

  • Product questions designed to speak to your products’ best features
  • Customer questions that address your customers’ most common concerns

Product questions

Get right into the specifics of a product by asking for feedback that will help other visitors with their purchase. This can be as simple as having customers comment on product quality, fit, and overall customer service, and then presenting their answers in a visual scale that helps visitors understand the information you want them to see quickly.

Customer questions

These allow prospective buyers to identify with past buyers who wrote reviews based on their similarities. A visitor to your site can find a product that was used by another buyer from the same age group, or with a similar use-case, such as skin type for beauty products, or body type for fashion products.

Collect the content that matters most

Custom Review Forms direct your reviewers to the key attributes of the product, so each review can inspire customer confidence and increase conversions by presenting detailed information that matters most to potential buyers.

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