Mail After Purchase - The Complete Guide

Last updated on January 7, 2024

Doug Baltman
Product Marketing @ Yotpo
February 13th, 2023 | 8 minutes read
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The MAP (Mail After Purchase) review request email is Yotpo’s secret weapon that gets you more reviews than your competitors.

The Mail After Purchase, or MAP for short, is the single most important feature in the Yotpo service. The MAP gets more reviews because it simplifies the review process. Instead of sending an email that links people to a landing page, people can write & submit reviews right from inside of the MAP — without ever leaving their inbox, helping to drive more traffic and sales to a user’s site.

How does the Mail After Purchase feature work?

Once a day the Yotpo system pulls all the orders which your store has had in the last 24 hours. The data from these orders are then used to queue up Mail After Purchase emails which will be sent to the customers that made these purchases.

Mail After Purchase emails are sent 14 days after an order is processed (users can change this number). In order to maximize the number of reviews generated, we have included a form within the email so customers simply need to enter in the title and body of the review and click submit.

If a customer forgets to fill in any of these fields then we redirect the customer to a landing page and inform him that he forgot to fill in one of the fields.

For multiple purchase orders we send out up to 3 MAPs. Each of the three MAPs will be for a different product starting with the most expensive product and then working down. The first is sent according to the number of days selected in the admin, the second is sent 5 days after the first and the third is sent 5 days after the second. Once we receive a review for the order, we stop sending the MAP.

MAP flow

Review requests for 150 days of past purchases

After successfully integrating Yotpo with your store, our system will do a one-time pull of all your order data for the last 150 days and process these orders just like any regular order. What this means is that we will send out MAPs for these orders within the first 48 hours of joining Yotpo.

Here are the best practices for using the MAP feature:

Customized review request

The MAP offers deep customization to meet any brand or business need. At this crucial point in the buyer journey, when your customers leave testimonials, you want to get all of the best information that you can.

User-Generated Photos

You can easily collect customer photos as part of reviews from within the MAP flow. When customers leave reviews from the MAP, they’ll get the option to upload photos too.

A Yotpo survey found that 77% of shoppers say that authentic customer photos are more likely to affect purchase decisions than professional photos from a store. That means eCommerce conversion rates will skyrocket.

Mobile Visual Commerce

Pro Tip: If you’re collecting pictures in reviews, give a heads up in the MAP that reviewers will be prompted to upload pictures. That way, they’ll get ready for a selfie.

Custom Review Forms

The clients who have mastered Custom Review Forms have some of the best product page conversion rates in the entire Yotpo community.

The feature lets you ask specific questions in MAPs other than the generic star rating, review title, and review body. Customers can rate products on specific attributes, or they can indicate their reason for buying the product. Here are a few examples.

Here Lifestyle Clotheslines gets into the details with custom customer and product question.


Next, Peach & Lily lets shoppers know who wrote the review. It makes sense that shoppers would want to know how skincare products worked for people with a similar complexion to them.

custom review form

Pro Tip: The more information, the better. But be sure to keep it concise; you collect the review in the MAP but it appears on-site in the widget. Test out how it would look on-site before taking it live.

Template Editor

The Template Editor lets you completely customize the HTML of the MAP. You can completely change the look, add a navigation bar to your website, and utilize the fullest extent of your branding.

Pro Tip: You’ll need a developer to make this work best. It will take a small amount of time up front to get the best customization you can, but the added benefit over the course of the many of thousands of MAPs you send out will make it worth it.

Get more reviews

More reviews are clearly good for your store. Product pages with reviews make shoppers twice as likely to buy. Here are a few tips to get more reviews:

Dynamic Parameters for Engagement

From within the MAP, you can insert dynamic inputs. Here are your options:

  • {user} – the reviewer’s name.
  • {product} – the product’s name.
  • {product_description} – the product’s description.
  • {store_name} – the store name.
  • {order_id} – the order’s id.
  • {order_date} – the order’s date.

These inputs achieve two things. First, they increase engagement. Putting relevant, personalized data makes recipients more likely to respond.

Also, your customers buy a lot of stuff online and may make multiple purchases from your store. Inputting the order date and the product name lets them know exactly what they need to review and increases your conversion rate as well.


Pro Tip: Check out these two MAPs. If I was a regular customer of this store, how would I know which product to review unless I got the email on the right?


We live in a busy world, and the reality is that not every well-intentioned customer of yours will have the time to write a review as soon as he gets a MAP.

That’s why you can send reminder emails, identical or customizable (your choice), asking for a review from customers who didn’t yet leave one.


Pro Tip: You’ll need to strike a balance here. The more reminders you send, the more reviews you’ll get, but you want to be careful not to hassle your customers.

Bulk Purchase Settings

Yotpo experts love this tool. Bulk purchase settings let you apply a smart logic to review requests when customers purchase several products at a time.

You can choose to send MAPs for the most expensive item first or the least reviewed item first. With more reviews on the most expensive item, you’re more likely to sell big ticket items. But if a product with no reviews all of a sudden starts getting some, it could have a major impact on conversion rates.

You can also choose to send MAPs out for all products purchased or just some, and the number of days in between review requests.

Pro Tip: When you’re just starting to collect reviews, you should be more aggressive with your MAPs. You should send a review request for every product purchased. Start off sending your first requests for the least reviewed products. That way you make sure none of your products have 0 reviews.


1. Can I set up multiple Mail After Purchase emails?

Yes, you can create multiple Mail After Purchases emails that will be sent to customers depending on the number of days you select for each email. Once a review is generated for the order, no additional emails will be sent out for the specific order.

2. Is it possible to deactivate the MAP?

Yes, all you need to do is delete the MAP template within your admin. Note: If you do remove the template in your account then not only will you lose your previous settings but we won’t be able to help you generate reviews from your past customers via the MAP.

3. Is it possible to add my logo to the MAP?

Yes, this is possible for Premium users.

4. Can I send myself test MAPs so I can see what customers will receive?

Yes, you can send test MAPs to yourself by clicking on “Send Test” at the bottom of the relevant MAP template in the Mail After Purchase page in your Yotpo admin. These test emails simply show the layout and do not include the name and link to actual products.

If you have any additional questions related to the Mail After Purchase feature then please write them in the comments section below or feel free to email our support team at