Last updated on October 5, 2023

Melanie Koss
Customer Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
November 11th, 2018 | 5 minutes read

We’re excited to announce the release of Yotpo Focus, a suite of AI-powered review widgets designed to automatically showcase your best customer content on site.

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The challenge of converting visitors into shoppers has only grown in recent years, as store traffic from mobile continues to climb. Today, mobile traffic accounts for 76% of store traffic on Shopify, but only accounts for 66% of sales — meaning that the conversion rate on desktop is 63% higher than on mobile.

Mobile traffic doesn’t convert as well as desktop traffic for one major reason: mobile visitors have a short attention span. They’re often doing several things at once while browsing on their phones, and the average mobile customer engages in online sessions that last for only two minutes each.

So, how can a merchant get these visitors to discover the right products, get the most relevant information about them, and build trust in such a short period of time?

Enter Yotpo Focus

Yotpo Focus reinvents the PDP (product description page) by using review content and AI to display the information that is most likely to drive purchase decisions forward quickly, before shopper attention span runs out.

Consisting of two AI-powered widgets, Smart Filters and Review Highlights, Yotpo Focus is designed to automatically focus the user’s attention on positive, informative content that is relevant to their interests.  This improves the on-site experience, leading to a higher conversion rate.

Smart Filters

Brands leveraging our in-mail technology are able to generate hundreds of reviews per product to then publish on site. However, once a customer actually lands on a product page, they will often have to read many reviews to find information that is most relevant to them.

Our stats show that only 5% of customers move on to the second page of reviews in order to find what they’re looking for. What’s the point in having a bank of reviews that contain useful, authentic information from past buyers, if customers have to seriously hunt to find what they need?

Smart Filters lets customers filter reviews by topics that they are interested in. Using artificial intelligence, these topics are automatically selected according to their prominence in reviews and showcased on site in a dynamic display.

yotpo focus smart filters

Customers can find the specific information they are looking for by using the topic filters, or they can filter by customer attributes collected from your in-mail form to see reviews from past buyers with a similar use-cases to them, such as skin type for beauty products, or body type for apparel.

How does it work?

Yotpo’s algorithm uses Natural Language Processing to identify your most popular and high-converting topics mentioned by buyers in product reviews, and showcases them as filters above your review widget.

Our machine learning technology takes into account customer engagement with the widget to continually optimize the topics presented in order to maximize conversion.

Lauralee Baird, Head of Marketing at popular bridesmaid dress brand Revelry, has already seen increased customer satisfaction using the filterable reviews widget.

“With the implementation of Smart Filters, we were able to solve a major pain point for our customers — they can now filter reviews based on their personal needs.”

Baird has described the new review widget as a “huge win for our team” in creating a more authentic brand experience and peer-to-peer discovery for new customers.

yotpo focus - reverly

“Overall, we have seen a marketable improvement to our customers’ buying journey in large part due to the newest filtering features available through Yotpo. Our customers can view fit, quality, and styling information before purchasing without having to comb through 70+ reviews, making them confident in our brand and our products.”

Review Highlights

Keep mobile users engaged by showcasing your most valuable review content where customers are most likely to see it.

On average, 30% of site visitors engage with product reviews, with those that do resulting in 60% of total sales for eCommerce brands. Though powerful in their impact, reviews are usually take up a fair bit of on-site real estate, so they are often placed at the bottom of the page.

With reviews having such a profound impact on conversion, how can you ensure more customers read them?

Yotpo’s AI-powered Review Highlights makes the most of valuable website real-estate and showcases the best snippets from your top product reviews in a space-efficient display.

yotpo focus review highlights

Optimized for mobile, Review Highlights displays a dynamic digest of your most valuable and positive review content in a highly visible display on product pages, so customers don’t have to scroll down to find their way to your reviews.

How does it work?

Using sentiment analysis, Yotpo continuously scans each review and breaks it into sentences in order to detect the most positive snippets from your best product reviews. The top sentences are automatically selected according to their positive sentiment, number of topics mentioned, and their recency. You can then select the number of highlights you want to display, and their location on your product pages based on your preferences.

In addition to selecting your preferred placement of this widget, you can easily customize Review Highlights to match the look and feel of your brand.

Displaying review content intelligently

Yotpo Focus revolutionizes the way your customers engage with reviews, and we’ve already seen incredible results, including:

  • A more relevant and personalized customer experience
  • Increased engagement with review content
  • Higher conversion to sales
  • Improved customer journey

Since Yotpo Focus relies on machine learning, it continuously optimizes the on-site display as more reviews come in and more consumer behavior data is processed. This ensures that as the business scales and more reviews are collected, the on-site customer experience keeps improving over time to have stronger impact on conversion.