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With an engaged community and 24/7 personalized insights, WHOOP is helping customers make meaningful lifestyle changes.

What makes
them a
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WHOOP is on the cutting edge of fitness trackers, offering deeper, actionable insights

WHOOP’s app provides 24/7 access to data, a journal, and coaching platform

The features of WHOOP’s community keep members effectively engaged and connected

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WHOOP Strap 3.0
Why They It

"The data and guidance for sleep, recovery, and training is invaluable. Balance is something sorely lacking in our current society and I have found that WHOOP, more than anything, has helped me achieve balance in my life."

Daniel R. | Verified buyer
Whoop review

WHOOP's amazing
Customer Experiences

Built-in Engagement

WHOOP Live allows members to create video and overlay live WHOOP data including heart rate, calories, and more to share on social media or with a coach.

Community Motivation

WHOOP Teams allows members to join or create a group of like-minded fitness enthusiasts to keep each other on track and celebrate successes.

All About WHOOP

A brand that lets you hack and improve your own body

WHOOP is a monthly subscription for 24/7 health monitoring across sleep, recovery, strain, and more. The WHOOP membership includes free hardware (WHOOP Strap 3.0) and a coaching platform designed to optimize behavior. Studies show that after a year on WHOOP, members experience longer and more consistent sleep, improved physiology, enhanced physical performance, and meaningful lifestyle changes. WHOOP members range from professional athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs to fitness enthusiasts, frontline workers, and military personnel.

WHOOP was founded in 2012 by Will Ahmed, author of “The Feedback Tool: Measuring Fitness, Intensity, and Recovery” and former Harvard athlete. He was also recently named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 and Boston Business Journal’s 40 Under 40.

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