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Bob Ross

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The Bob Ross website is devoted to all things associated with this iconic American painter and his TV show The Joy of Painting.
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What makes
them a
fan favorite

Bob Ross is a beloved American icon, known for his soothing educational videos

The next generation of painters can easily learn the Bob Ross technique

Parodies, tributes, and fun, licensed merch make the website a true destination for fans

#fanfave product

Black Shades Bob Ross T-Shirt
Why They It

"This has quickly become my husbands favorite shirt. First of all, it’s Bob Ross and who doesn’t love him?! Second of all, this shirt is so soft and comfortable! It feels natural and is pliable with your every move. He also gets comments about it everywhere he goes!"

Beener | Verified buyer
painting review

Bob Ross's amazing
Customer Experiences

Joyful Social Media

The Bob Ross community is vast and engaged, and the brand makes good use of its social media channels to spread his wisdom and joy.

Leaning In

The brand knows that many people find Bob Ross soothing, and they have leaned into that in the ASMR and Wellness section of its website.

All About Bob Ross

A soothing, DIY art icon finds posthumous success online

He’s recognized everywhere as one of the most iconic and memorable personalities on public television. With his gentle approach and homespun humor, Bob Ross has taught, inspired, and entertained millions of people across the country and around the world. And he’s now an eCommerce player.

From the kitschy design to the recognizable signature, the Bob Ross website is all about preserving the man’s legacy, and equipping those who wish to follow in his footsteps. With painting supplies, instructional books and DVDs, and online classes, budding artists can learn his famous wet-on-wet technique. Fans of the show can watch episodes online or buy them on DVD, catch up on the latest Bob Ross news, buy official merchandise, like T-shirts, and much more.

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