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Natural Inhalers
With a killer influencer strategy and engaged social community, Füm turns aromatherapy inhalers into a lifestyle accessory.
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What makes
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Füm promotes chemical-free, sustainable processes in a non-electronic inhaler

5,000+ people share their experience with aromatherapy inhalers on the brand’s Facebook page

$2 from every inhaler purchase goes to a Kenyan orphanage to provide food and education

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The Füm Prominent Inhaler
Why They It

"I recently ordered my first Füm pipe and I was amazed at the handcrafted, beautiful piece I received. They are made of quality wood and the place where you can put your fingers makes it so easy to use. Customer service is also amazing."

Emily L. | Verified buyer
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Füm's amazing
Customer Experiences

Generating Excitement

The brand’s most popular social posts are frequently product teases that get their community excited and curious.

Customer Education

Füm offers many educational and impromptu videos of the staff talking about the products in a relatable way.

All About Füm

Two brothers saw a business opportunity in their regular workouts

Founded in Calgary, Canada in 2018, Füm is a brand dedicated to celebrating the benefits of essential oils and elevating the “Positive Rebels” in life. As they say in their mission statement: “We live in a world where it is easy to make destructive habits. We are here to help people create positive habits because positive habits lead to better lives, and a better world.”

Füm began with two brothers who crafted a solution for inhaling peppermint oil before workouts, and grew organically from word of mouth. They now have a loyal following of fans who love the all-natural, non-electronic essential oil inhalers to support relaxation, anxiety control, smoking cessation, and even congestion relief. In a world of vices, Füm is an organic brand to obsess over.

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