Last updated on October 20, 2023

Jeanie Dunn
Content Manager, SMS @ Yotpo
June 8th, 2022 | 5 minutes read

Pop-ups are key to engaging site visitors and turning them into subscribers. Here’s how they work, and how Yotpo SMS & Email’s Dynamic Pop-Up can accelerate your list growth.

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Consumers who visit your website are already interested in (or at least curious about) your brand and considering a purchase. This makes your website one of the most natural places to engage them and get them to subscribe to your marketing communications. How? Using a captivating, on-site pop-up.

How to Collect Subscribers With Pop-Ups

On-site subscription forms, or “pop-ups,” allow you to expand your mobile audience fast, and increase your subscriber count month over month as your site traffic grows. As soon as a visitor lands on your site and begins to browse, you can capture their attention with a promotion for your SMS marketing and email marketing programs — Yotpo SMS & Email’s pop-ups allow you to collect both phone numbers and email addresses at once.

Configure this pop-up to appear at just the right moment — whether that’s instantly upon arrival, ten seconds after the customer arrives on site, or as they move to exit the page — and display an exciting offer like 15% off their next purchase to convince them to opt in.

Pop-ups can be customized to fit your brand’s unique look and feel, and optimized to target desktop shoppers, mobile shoppers, and even shoppers from different regions, with double-tap functionality that makes subscribing from a mobile device effortless.

These on-site pop-ups are an essential part of a strong email and SMS marketing strategy. Brands that use them collect 4x more subscribers than those only using checkout opt-in, but you can increase collection rates even further with one that can’t simply be closed out…

Supercharge Subscriber Collection With Yotpo SMS & Email’s Dynamic Pop-Up

With Yotpo SMS & Email’s Dynamic Pop-Up, site visitors can access your brand’s pop-up at any point during a browsing session, even if they close it. Instead of disappearing, dynamic pop-ups minimize into a floating button that can easily be reopened, for 2x higher subscriber collection on average than standard on-site pop-ups.

How does it work? A pop-up will display when your customer lands on your website. If they submit their information, the pop-up will not display again. If they close the pop-up without subscribing, the pop-up will seamlessly minimize into an accessible floating button in the corner of the screen, giving them the opportunity to opt in at a later point. If they never subscribe during that browsing session, your customer will be presented with the pop-up each time they return to your website until they ultimately convert.

Without subscribers, no marketing channel would be successful. Yotpo SMS & Email’s Dynamic Pop-Up makes it possible for you to consistently engage anyone who visits your website, so you can collect more than ever before.

Access customers at the right time: Stop losing subscribers to closed windows. With the Dynamic Pop-Up, shoppers can opt in at any point in their browsing session, making signing up less disruptive, more convenient, and therefore more successful.

Maximize revenue and ROI through conversion: Mobile consumers are a highly engaged audience. The more you can grow this audience, the more purchases you can encourage via text to generate the most revenue for your business.

Grow two lists in tandem: Get even more value out of your Dynamic Pop-Up by collecting consent for both email and SMS marketing in a single touch point. This multi-channel collection option can be customized however you like, so you can widen your mobile audience even further.

No heavy lifting: Pop-ups are easy to set up on your own in a few simple steps, but Yotpo SMS & Email’s Customer Success Managers, as well as customer care and support agents, are always available to assist.

Results Real Brands Are Seeing From Dynamic Pop-Ups

eCommerce brands are leveraging dynamic pop-ups to grow their lists, their programs, and their businesses. Here’s what they’re saying about this innovative subscriber collection tool:

Savannah Sevens increased SMS subscribers by 67% and total subscribers by 39%

The Dynamic Pop-Up gives us the ability to capture sign-ups while still maintaining our brand image. The seamless integration elevates the look of our site by giving it a clean look. We like the flexibility with the placement on desktop and especially mobile in order to keep it top of mind but not hinder the customer experience. We could not recommend this feature enough! — Peyton Jones, Marketing Manager, Savannah Sevens

EM Cosmetics increased subscriber growth by 66%

The Dynamic Pop-Up has made it easier to collect SMS and email subscribers by keeping our discount text on display. In addition, this banner is out of the way of the user’s shopping experience and keeps a clean aesthetic. — Lauren Dills, Digital Marketing & eCommerce Specialist, EM Cosmetics

Bubble Skincare increased subscriber growth by 18%

We’ve seen a huge increase in subscribers in the last week. We’re on track to increasing our monthly subscribers by almost 23% this month, which is essential for our program growth going forward. I’m super excited to have this implemented on our website and can’t wait to see how it continues to improve our experience and program overall. — Emma Standing, Head of Customer Experience and eCommerce at Bubble

Dynamic pop-ups are available to all Yotpo SMS & Email customers, regardless of your size or spend. Join us today to easily grow your mobile audience like these top brands.