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Last updated on August 21, 2023

Kim Winter
Director of Product Marketing @ Yotpo
October 21st, 2020 | 4 minutes read

With our new, advanced suite of subscriber tools, your brand can build an SMS audience fast — and start seeing ROI right away.

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The value of SMS marketing is clear. On average, brands drive 25x ROI on their SMS marketing channel — and counting. 

For eCommerce brands, it’s crucial to capitalize on this highly personalized channel to drive revenue fast. But, where do you start? 

With a robust SMS subscriber collection strategy that generates more subscribers across every marketing channel, seamlessly.

With Yotpo SMS & Email, it’s easier than ever for your brand to build an engaged SMS audience. We’ve rebuilt our leading subscriber collection tools to empower brands to create more high-converting, on-brand experiences that increase subscriber growth at your most important touchpoints.

Powerful, smarter on-site subscription tools 

With our reimagined subscriber collection elements, you can build on-site experiences that align best with your brand, driving engagement from the first interaction.

Customize subscriber tools to fit your unique brand identity

Build fully customized subscriber tools by choosing from a library of beautifully designed templates, or creating your own. Adjust the colors, banners, and copy to fit your look-and-feel, style, and tone — seamlessly integrating into your brand experience.

Fully customizable SMS & email pop-up templates 

With over 20+ different templates to choose from, you can now collect both SMS phone numbers and email addresses in a custom-designed pop-up tailored to your brand’s unique look & feel.

Increase collection rates with targeted subscription forms

Each of your shoppers is different, so it’s essential to provide them with the subscriber experience that will best engage them. Our subscriber collection tools enable the most advanced behavioral segmentation, making it easy to target every on-site visitor with the form that’s most likely to drive them to convert.

Convert each on-site visitor with a subscription experience at the right time

Once a shopper arrives on your site, configure your subscriber tools to appear that optimal moment to maximize engagement. Whether it’s upon immediate arrival, ten seconds after arriving onsite, or as they’re moving to exit the page, your brand can display the subscriber tool at the highest-intent moment for your shoppers.

Continue collecting subscribers at every turn

Build a highly engaged SMS audience fast with innovative subscriber tools across every marketing channel, including both online and offline touchpoints.

SMS footer subscription widget

Continue to collect subscribers, even when they’ve made it to the bottom of your page. With a customizable footer subscription widget that’s natively integrated throughout the buyer journey, your brand can maximize your SMS audience with an intuitive call to action to stay connected before they leave a page.

Mobile Instagram swipe-up widget

Collect subscribers directly from Instagram using our new mobile swipe-up experience. Once customers swipe up, they’ll automatically be subscribed to receive SMS messages — seamlessly engaging shoppers that are already interacting with your brand.

Dedicated SMS subscriber page

Send shoppers to an on-site page created specifically for collecting SMS subscribers. To create a seamlessly on-brand subscriber experience, customize the design and copy to fit your needs.

In-store collection with POS and QR codes

Bridge the gap between online and offline shoppers by making it easy for shoppers to opt-in while they’re in store. Build a QR Code that sends shoppers to a sign-up page, or provide a sign-up option during the checkout process.

Keyword subscriber collection

Enable shoppers to opt-in to receive your SMS messages by simply sending a keyword text. Brands can drive more engagement by promoting the keyword across all their channels.

Subscriber tools built to scale

Our subscriber collection tools are designed to be optimized as you continue grow your SMS marketing strategy, maximize revenue, and build an engaged customer community.

Track subscriber growth in real time 

Optimize your subscriber collection strategy anytime with analytics dashboards designed for marketers. Deep dive into the performance of each tool in real time to best understand how to increase subscribers month over month.

Compliance-first approach

Our subscriber tools are built with the latest TCPA, CTIA, and GDPR guidelines in mind, so you can be confident your subscriber list is compliant with the necessary privacy regulations.

How do I start?

To learn more about our new subscriber collection tools and features, visit our support article here. To get started with SMS marketing today, click here.