Rising Star


Rising Star

This award honors a cutting-edge agency paving the way for growing eCommerce businesses through innovative strategies

Sellry is a 12-year-old full-service eCommerce agency. They specialize in helping brands grow by building unique, engaging purchasing experiences, implementing high-ROI technologies, and minimizing operational costs.

Sellry Completely Revamps Bones Coffee Company’s Digital Presence 

For Bones Coffee Company, coffee isn’t merely an energy-boosting drink– it’s an experience that can change a person’s day. Bones wanted an eCommerce experience that would be just as transformative: engaging and converting more customers while building long-term trust. Sellry delivered a website overhaul that reworked Bones’ homepage, increased the visibility of rotating seasonal flavors, incorporated a subscription flow, and increased traffic and conversion rates, resulting in a 43.7% revenue increase YOY. 

To ensure a seamless shopping experience for Bones Coffee Company’s customers, Sellry ensured that all design elements were totally tailored and on-brand. They leveraged Yotpo’s personalization features to design a customized Reviews Widget, helping to elevate Bones’ eCommerce experience and breathing new life into their digital presence.

Bones Coffee Company offers hand-roasted to order coffee, with freshness guaranteed

Sellry and Yotpo work together to push the boundaries in eCommerce, ensuring success for several shared clients. The agency’s understanding of which solutions will meet their clients’ needs is one of the many values they offer. Yotpo is an essential tool for many of their builds and has become their go-to platform for clients that want to build trust through customer reviews and loyalty programs.

“Any time a client of ours wants to create a no-compromises customer journey, Yotpo is our recommendation. As many platforms clamber to catch up to Yotpo, we have continued confidence in Yotpo’s superior technology and aggressive product roadmap, especially with regard to APIs for headless architecture."
Michael Bower

CEO, Sellry

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