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Best Tech Partner

In recognition of an outstanding partner, who has established themselves as a dominant player in the space through innovative tech and thought leadership

Klarna makes shopping smoooth. With Klarna, consumers can buy now and pay later, so they can get what they love today.

Klarna Boosts Orders and AOV for MVMT with a Fresh Payment Solution

An early pioneer of D2C retail, MVMT is constantly developing new strategies and employing the latest solutions to maintain their status as an industry leader. MVMT was looking for a new payment solution that would appeal to the sensibilities of the modern online shopper. They turned to Klarna to implement a “buy now, pay later” model. As a result, MVMT saw a steep increase both in number of orders and in AOV on orders purchased through Klarna.

MVMT’s goal is to expand shoppers’ awareness and confidence in the novel payment option offered by Klarna in order to create a seamless buyer journey. The brand plans on leveraging authentic customer reviews powered by Yotpo at critical touchpoints on-site to ensure a smooth experience and boost conversions at checkout.

MVMT directly sells sleek watch designs that don’t break the bank to over 1.5 million consumers across 160 countries

Yotpo and Klarna are equally committed to creating superior user experiences for consumers. The two are closely aligned, with Klarna sponsoring Yotpo’s annual DSTN conference and participating in the Amazing Women in eCommerce program. Both tech solutions are invested in scaling their partnership through successful brand stories and joint case studies, as well as promoting a unified tech stack to better serve forward-thinking brands. 

"Yotpo and Klarna have a shared mission to provide brands with the tools to engage their customers, deliver inspiring shopping experiences, and keep them coming back. We love partnering with the Yotpo team because they bring so much heart to supporting their partners, retailers, and customers."
Lindy Crea

Director of US Partnerships, Klarna

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