Excellence Award

This award recognizes an outstanding agency for boundary-pushing work that elevated client growth, while also honoring the depth of the partnership and expertise in Yotpo implementations

BVA is a commerce agency that incubates and grows the direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands that people love.

BVA Creates a Content-Meets-Commerce Strategy for UpWest

UpWest chose BVA to launch their brand new website, trusting the agency to help them tell authentic stories and communicate a point of view on lifestyle, rather than simply being a hub for transactions. BVA incorporated UpWest’s core values into every aspect of the personalized design strategy and the visual language they created for the fashion and lifestyle brand. They heavily customized the blog tool and designed templates that seamlessly integrated the purchase path within editorialized content.

BVA implemented Yotpo’s leading Reviews solution, leveraging its fully customizable widget to adopt the brand’s visual language and blend easily into the user experience. Using Yotpo’s robust loyalty functionalities, they created “The Compass Club,” a rewards program tailored for UpWest’s customers.

UpWest is a digitally-native, D2C fashion and lifestyle brand by EXPRESS. Focused on wellness, health, and sustainability, they deliver holistic comfort for the mind, body, and spirit.

With many successful collaborations and a shared client roster that includes some of the top brands in D2C space, the relationship between BVA and Yotpo feels more like a single team than two companies. BVA’s expertise in Yotpo implementations is second to none, and the strength of the partnership and quality of shared business has been critical to the overall success of both organizations.

“When we recommend a strategic partner to a client of ours it means we believe that partner delivers value and work quality equivalent to our own. It's no secret that Yotpo has been one of our most preferred partners - and for good reason."
Travis Hess

Chief Commercial Officer, BVA

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