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This award recognizes an outstanding agency for boundary-pushing work that elevated client growth, while also honoring the depth of the partnership and expertise in Yotpo implementations

Improove is the eCommerce leader in the Nordic region, helping brands and retailers scale their online businesses through a unique approach backed by extensive technical experience.

Improove Implements a UGC-Focused Strategy for Marshall Headphones

Marshall Headphones was looking to upgrade their digital strategy and turned to Improove to assist in revamping their customer journey. Improove led a complete re-platforming project with fully customized design services and created a tailored rollout and growth strategy. Working together closely with Marshall, Improove successfully launched the new-and-improved site on time, exceeding the brand’s expectations.

With UGC playing a key role in Marshall’s tailored strategy, Improove introduced Yotpo’s solution as a replacement for their previous method of gathering reviews. Marshall took advantage of Yotpo’s best-in-class features to drastically increase the number of reviews collected. Improove was able to leverage Yotpo’s customizable UGC functionality to blend perfectly with their design. Yotpo’s reviews module is automatically tagged as a rich snippet, leading to increased visibility on Google, and an uplift of 21% in conversions.

Marshall headphones offers the full range of headphones and earbuds from in-ears, to over-ears, and everything in between.

Through a shared value of constant open communication, Improove and Yotpo have cultivated a close relationship across various office locations, spanning different continents and time zones. Improove incorporates the Yotpo platform as a key factor in propelling client growth for both scaleup projects as well as for large online brands that want to take their marketing strategy to the next level.

"The Yotpo team was instrumental in overcoming some significant challenges we faced during the implementation process. With their help, we successfully launched an amazing SF Commerce Cloud project with Marshall globally."
Fedja Porobic

Head of Growth & Partnerships at Improove.se

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