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This award recognizes a leading agency for the outstanding work they’ve done for brands in the Magento ecosystem.

Corra is the global digital agency that lifestyle brands trust to accelerate their growth with expert knowledge of commerce technology, customer experience strategy, and complex digital solutions.

Corra Helps Jomashop Reach a New Generation of Customers 

Jomashop brought Corra in to do a full redesign of their website to better appeal to millennial shoppers – from rebranding to custom design, to mobile-first strategy and personalization. For a luxury watch and jewelry brand, authentic customer content was crucial for building trust and reassurance when making a purchase. In particular, incorporating more visual UGC from customers’ social media accounts was identified as a key tactic that aligned with their overarching strategy. 

Knowing the importance of social proof, Corra incorporated Yotpo’s solutions for Reviews and Visual Marketing into their overhaul of Jomashop’s site – to great effect. Since adding Yotpo, they saw conversion rates grow almost 10% on items with reviews. The rich UGC content also helped lighten the load for Jomashop’s customer service team.

Jomashop offers a massive selection of luxury goods, including watches, pens, handbags, fashion accessories, and more, providing customers with a combination of price, selection, and service.

The partnership between Corra and Yotpo has grown extremely quickly, resulting in a stellar list of mutual clients and many successful collaborations, with more in the works. Corra has invested in teaching their internal teams about Yotpo’s product offerings, as well as educating Yotpo on Corra’s services through visits to each other’s offices for “lunch and learns” and regular meetings to discuss mutual pipeline and co-marketing strategies.

“Our partnership with Yotpo has allowed us to strengthen our service offering, helping us provide a unified offering and showcasing our strong relationship to ensure success for our clients and prospects.”
Martina England

Vice President of Commercial Strategy and Alliances, Corra

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